Dawn of War 1.4 patch released!

Battle Maidens? They’re called Sisters of Battle, dude. Nuns with guns, basically, and they’re plenty different from your average Space Marines. Have you even glanced at the new Witch hunter codex?

And the Tyranids? First of all, they were around before Starcraft. Second, they’re nothing like Aliens as a species. They invade whole planets, consume every shred of biomass and move on to the next planet. Again, have you even read the codex?

About the only thing you said that actually makes sense is that the Dark Eldar don’t have very much of a background going.

Though you’re goading me and you sound like a punk, I’ll answer you.

The battle maidens aren’t “different enough” by any means. They’re humans, they use weapons that other races use, and they have no real substance or back story. Nuns with guns, great. Those are guns that other races already use. Why do you think they’re “plenty different”?

Aliens (from Aliens) do the exact same thing as the Tyranids. They consume life and move on. They use their hosts for breeding their own children and leave the hosts dead and bloodied. They’re hive-minded. They’re animalistic. They don’t care about civilization or negotiation. Oh, and christ I said they came before starcraft, didn’t I? Yeesh.

And no dude, I haven’t read any recent codexes, including the Witch Hunter one. I played Rogue Trader up through some 3rd edition. I only witnessed one battle that had battle maidens in it, and they drove a rhino with a heavy flamethrower, and had jetpacks & power armor. Those weapons sound vaguely familiar?

Uppety aren’t you…

Compared with the Giger Aliens the Tyranids draw some inspiration from there but they’re also vastly different. Here is some back story on a Tyranid planetary invasion. And here’s some more. And I don’t remember the Aliens being able to bio-engineer their own guns. All of which you’d know had you actually read the back story.

And then you go on to say the Sisters of Battle have no real back story while at the same time admitting that you haven’t read any of the recent codexes, which is where you would actually find the back story.

But by all means, don’t let your ignorance stop you from ranting.

Hmmm, I agree that those are useful, but in playing against the good players online, I am usually dead before I get there, because the basic troops seem overmatched (and people do not play the “build up to the good troops” game - they hit you hard early).

You are all telling me what I realize (of course it’s still appreciated); I should go back and give it further time to see if I can unlock the value in the force. I still admit to being somewhat doubtful, but I’m willing to objectively admit I’m probably not getting it.

The key with Orks is to build lots of companies and give them all Nob Leaders. Don’t reinforce your squads. Just make lots of them, and get Nobs in them.

No, I’ll stop it here. I didn’t kill your baby, Kalle, I made comments based on my opinion. And my opinion isn’t wrong.

No, I’ll stop it here. I didn’t kill your baby, Kalle, I made comments based on my opinion. And my opinion isn’t wrong.[/quote]

Just uninformed, by your own admission.

I guess it’s kinda funny. I say, “The Tyranids are essentially a variation of Aliens’s aliens,” and Kalle comes back with, “They’re nothing like Geiger’s aliens.” But then he admits there are a lot of similarities. Granted, Geiger’s aliens don’t make their own biovore weapons, but i said they were a variation, not identical. The themes are there.

Basically it boils down to the fact that the battle maidens have a new codex that I didn’t know about. Every other point I made is valid and undeserving of Kalle’s criticism and candor. I’m not expecting an apology or anything, but man…you 40K fanatics can really crack down on a brotha. I used to be one of you. No need for the extreme in-group attitude.

You guys sound like a couple of dorks arguing over what color one of the dorks painted his lead figure’s battle standard. :)

Seriously, though, that’s the kind of stuff that makes me disappointed they’re doing the Imperial Guard. Battle Maidens? Tyranids? Dark Eldar? How frickin’ cool would those be? Nuns with guns? Awesome.

Maybe they’re holding those back for a Dawn of War 2. At least that’s what I like to tell myself.

The truth is probably that one of those other races would require more work in artwork and animation than they’re willing to put into an expansion pack. And right now, their art and animation people are busy working wonders in Company of Heroes. Hence, the Imperial Guard.


Yes i also imagine the decision to make the Imperial Guard was simply because they already had some of those art and sound assets in the game.

Personally i would have liked to see the Tau; their art reminds me of the 80’s version of the future and all those robot toys i used to have.

From what i’ve read about the Dark Eldar online, they seem pretty stupid; harpy biker chicks aren’t really (lets be frank) a distantly plausible enemy, even in a universe where you’re as likely to fight with a plasma pistol as a sword, and humans live under a fascist theocracy; except that, of course, there really are demons out there, so maybe the god-emperor isn’t such a bad idea!.

Now where did I say that? My exact quote was “Compared with the Giger Aliens the Tyranids draw some inspiration from there but they’re also vastly different.” But I guess you’re not bothered by silly little things like facts. The genestealers are heavily inspired in idea (if not in looks) by Aliens, but as for the rest of the Tyranids they’re more like the Bugs in Starship Troopers than the predatory Aliens. If you actually bothered to follow my links I wonder where in them you would find a single parallel to Aliens. What’s the common theme between a race that moves enormous fleets between planets to feed on every single living thing it finds and actively creates technology from biomass, to a race of feral predators with acid blood who are simply happy to replace us on the top of the food chain if we stumble into their habitat?

Go on, I can wait.

I know, and I feel kind of filthy doing it, but he’s wrong damn it. :)

Good grief

I want to add that I wish there were fewer people like you on forums. Forums everywhere, in fact. I’m a real person, man. Not some text on a page. You’re goading me like it’s a sport. I opt out.

Yes! Show some humanity, for heaven’s sake.

If you prick him, does he not bleed (acid blood)?

So, anyyyyyyyyyway…

I installed up to 1.3 last night, which was a chore, I might add. The 1.4 patch was called corrupt by the installer, and seemingly failed.

So I went ahead and played at 1.3

Did the AI just get retarded? I feel like my doods are acting more dumber now and shit.

There was a corrupt Patch installer on a number of the typical download sites. Best bet is to use the torrent I linked on the previous page, which works fine, or just up-date in-game by going to Online mode.

Tabletop-wise, Guard’s a pretty popular army, (third in sales after Marines and Chaos, I think) and their real-world military feel appeals to some people more than the other armies, so they might be trying to bring them in.

OK, I just finished the normal campaign. Soooooooooo dissapointed it’s over. it was radical ninja all the way through with many very memorable moments. And now it’s over…


Well, you’re in luck!!! The expansion is out in two weeks. Personally, I enjoyed the campaign, but I didn’t notice very many memorable moments. Just a pretty typical if well-done RTS campaign.

The designers have stated that none of the IG assets in the original game were reused to make the new race. They claim the new IG faction is entirely from scratch.

IIRC, the IG units will employ the same interchangeable body part system as the PSM units in order to add some diversity to the models, so maybe that’s why they couldn’t reuse the artwork.

Some good news for DoW fans. The lead dev on the project has a video interview on Gamespot released today. He says that Relic and THQ see the Warhammer 40K games as a franchise, have a great relationship w/ Games Workshop, and already have other WH40K projects underway. Sounds like there’s a good chance that the Tau, Tyranids and nuns w/ guns may all see the light of day.

It’s Developer Interview 2 here:

Also some in-game footage of WA…

it was radical ninja all the way through with many very memorable moments

I can barely remember that I played the single-player. I think “radical ninja” means different things in different parts of the country.

In other news, I just read through the patch list; did they not nerf chaos a little bit and them buff the SM a whole lot? I know I’m late to the party, but wow! I thought SM were already pretty good. Ye gods.