Dawn of War 2 preview in PC Gamer UK April 10th?

Someone linked me (and I’m not sure the legality of reposting it) an image of a backpage teaser in PCG UK that read, “Are you ready for a new Dawn?” with the silhouette of a space marine. Here’s to hoping there are plenty of buggy 'nids to shoot.

You’re worried about the legality of reposting a scan of a page in a magazine? You’re a better man than most.

They tend to pay the bills of people who frequent the board, so I’m trying not to be a dick.

More exactly, an ad page.

The thing is, he is harming PC Gamer not posting the scan. It’s an ad to incite people buy the April number of the magazine. The more people see the image, the better sales they will have in the next month, thanks to the hype.

So, here.

Dawn of War 2? Hell yes, please!

Edit: Some digging on the Relic forums. Looks remarkably like this pic from Games Workshop:

Is the March issue already out in the UK or is that some subscriber stuff that comes out earlier?

I’m in London right now but the February copy says “March 13th” as street date. Will try to pick it up at the airport on the flight back Thursday morning but it would be nice to read it before. :)

Kinda looks more like a Terminator Space Marine of some sort…

— Alan

Subs copies arrived at our readers yesterday, with the Sims 3 story. The issue in question will be on-sale April 10.

It’s beefy, no doubt, but it’s not Terminator Armour. Just standard marine armour with a Powerfist.

The space marine illustrations seem to have that beefy look to them. The minis are probably different due to problems in sculpting that look way back when and it’s just stuck with them.

Here’s to hoping that it gives Starcraft II a run for its money. :)

P.S. Yes, it’s that exact image’s silhouette, because if you look at it you can see the scraggly pieces of scrolls off the sides that are in both images.

That’s clearly the outline of a soccer (football) player from Football Manager Live.

Or perhaps Kryten from Red Dwarf.

I thought it was the guy from Nights, again.

Heh. Maybe we should run a Photoshop contest to see what people can fit in that silhouette. My favourite over at the DoW forums was “You guys are all idiots. It’s clearly the Mothership from Homeworld 3.”

Thanks for being so considerate, Kunikos, but yeah, this is one page we don’t really mind people illegally replicating all over the shop.


Leaked press release from an online survey?

Introducing Warhammer Dawn of War II, an all new Real
Time Strategy (RTS) game set in the electrifying Warhammer
40,000 universe. Taking command of an elite strike force, players
will embark on an epic crusade across the galaxy, battling endless
foes in brutal front line combat. Players will conquer entire planets
and systems in the name of the Space Marines, the Eldar, or the
Tyranids, and crush the other races that have staked their claims
on the galaxy.

Dawn of War II features a unique “meta” campaign that allows
players to choose from dozens of missions set across several
differant worlds. Thanks to changing opponents, endless
objectives, and dynamic weather effects, no two battles (even on
the same map) will play the same way as differant factions
conquer and relinquish territory.

Dawn of War II revolutionsizes the RTS genre by allowing players to
slowly build their army up from a small band of raw recruits into
the deadliest force the galaxy has ever seen. You will decide the
fate of your army by choosing which troops, tanks and super
weapons to add to your arsenal. You will also guide the fate of
your cammander as you equip him with the rare weapons and
items that you uncover on the planets you conquer.

I really hope that’s for reals. Those would be my cherry picks for which races to play as.

Screw the Eldar, give me CHAOS.

Maybe they wanted to take their time with Chaos and one other race and then release them in an expansion pack? I’d imagine that doing the Tyranid race could burn out anyone reaching for icky-weird-crazy design inspirations before they even try to do some Chaos.


Dammit. No Orks = no sale. Although I could maybe be persuaded by Marines. Still, leaving out Orks and Chaos seems like a horrible oversight.