Dawn of War 3 supplies its endless wars with an endless update

We’ll see if the changes are enough to bring the community back to WAAAGH.

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Well I might actually go back to this now…

I don’t think this will save it. You’ll still have that terrible escalation system. Early game, you get refunds for killed units. Every 10 minutes the “escalation phase” advances, which reduces the refund but also majorly buffs your income to +50%, +100%, and then +150%.

All it does it make (non-elite) units totally expendable. You earn way more money than you can spend. There’s zero reason to ever retreat your troops because it’s more macro efficient to just let them die and queue up more units (especially since they got rid of the retreat button). You would need to build 4 or more unit producing buildings and have them constantly churning stuff out to ever have a hope of running out of money. With elite units, it meant that the first person to get their elite killed had lost, because it went on a 4+ minute respawn timer regardless of how much money you had which was a death sentence. The only thing removing elites units will do is make the game keep slogging along with waves of expendable garbage units.

I still can’t believe how many things they fucked up with this game. They should have just called it “What Happened?”. It feels like they outsourced it to some fly by night eastern european developers. Interface and mechanics wise, it feels like an RTS from 2001. The stupid “magic bubble” cover points feel like some first abortive attempt at introducing the idea of cover to the genre prior to Company of Heroes getting it right. There is no “find idle worker” button (the tutorial even tells you the official way to find workers is to click on their portrait lost in all the army army list portraits). Drag select also selects workers, sending them to battle to die in your army blob. Workers are affected by drag+select! When was the last time that was true in an RTS? 2004?

No synch kill animations. Sommersaulting terminators. Floaty prancing servators. It’s just so sad. What happened?