Dawn of War: Dark Crusade -- Like Risk, but with Orks

These days, it’s almost as if the genre of real time strategy belongs to Relic.

I don’t know what you just said little man, but you’re special.

You urked that URL, Tom.

And why do you keep turning down my Live invitations? Am I coming on too strong? Is my cologne offensive?

You got terminators in my Risk!

Ergo, it would help if Live invitations came with a little message about who you are. :) I tend to get Live messages from people who I don’t know from Adam. But if you send me another invite, I promise I’ll accept it!

Also, please change your cologne.


P.S. Does anyone, umm, know HTML, or whatever you call it, and want to take a look at why I can’t get a screenshot to link? :)

balls, i can’t figure out a way to… write out img tags without it getting parsed. [ img ] http://blahblah [ / img ]

with no spaces.

Tom, use vbCode:


The vB tag you’re looking for is “img”



My aqua and orange army is unstoppable.

Actually, I think it has to do with the directory structure on the server here, which I don’t know anything about. The link is pointing to someplace invalid and I don’t have any control over where the front-end I use to update the site uploads its screenshots. It semes to be shoving them off someplace where it can’t be accessed when the page goes live.

Thanks for you help, but I’m afraid this is a behind-the-scenes thing. :(


P.S. Awesome, McBain!

There’s something just wrong about mixing NFL team logos with Warhammer minatures painting. Those are two things that just should never be combined.

Is the prospect of being crushed by an army sporting a helmet-wearing dolphin on its banner so onerous to you?

I own DofW. I don’t have Winter Assault. If I pick up this new expansion, am I missing anything other than the SP campaigns from WA?

I HEARD that you can’t play as IG if you don’t have Winter Assault, and can’t play as the original four sides if you don’t have the original game. But that could easily be wrong. Especially the part about not being able to play the original four sides.

You’re missing all the other races. The expansion comes with 2, and there are I believe 5 other races from the previous two games.

So, in the strategic meta-game and multiplayer, you’ll only be able to play with two races.

So, Tom, have you been playing the meta game from the expansion? Is it well thought out like the Total War games, or more tacked together like the initial Rise of Nations campaign?

I’m just holding my breath that the Necrons aren’t as super-cheese as they were on the tabletop. S-s-s-s-s-super cheese!

It could be the munchkin army from hell in multi if it is.

(also… where can WA be had for cheap? I can’t see buying the CE version and re-purchasing DoW again at $29)

The expansion is a stand alone. It has all seven races, and they’re all playable.

I’ll have more specifics in the Yahoo review when it goes live next week, but in the meantime, here’s the screenshot of the campaign to whet your appetites.


The expansion is a stand alone. It has all seven races, and they’re all playable.

Multiplayer too?

What I read on Relic’s own official boards was that you’d only be able to play as Necrons/Tau in multiplayer if you don’t own DoW + Winter Assault. You’d still be able to play against those races – you’d just be unable to choose them in a multiplayer matchup.

McBain, correct. For MP, you need to have the core game and first expansion installed to use the other races. But they’re all playable in skirmish or campaign games, even if you only have Dark Crusade.


Now this is the expansion I was waiting for! Tau + Necrons ==<3 Relic.

Where are my #$% Tyranids? Just in case I’ve only said it 99 times, I’ll make it 100 now… I demand some Tyranid lovin’.