Dawn of War Winter Assault = $10

Go to Circuit City before the end of the day Saturday. I bought the expansion today for $9.99 plus tax. It’s in their flyer for the week and I figured it had to be a typo (GoGamer is charging $20 in 48-hour Madness right now), but sure enough, it rang up at $9.99. The expansion is normally $29.99.

I’m pretty sure someone at corporate blew it and it was meant to be $19.99. It even says in the ad, “Save $10!” or something like that. I think they just put the price in there incorrectly.

RTS fans, go nuts!


Damn it I wish I had a CC near me Id buy it for sure.

Score! Thanks for the tip, i’ll pick it up now before i get home. I was about to order it, but with so many games coming in the next month that i was going to blow cash on i decided to wait till it got cheaper.

You aren’t going to see it much cheaper than 10$!

Saw this and picked up the last copy at my local store on monday. Finally picked up DoW at the same time.

It’s easily worth $10. Or $20. Or full price. It’s good.

Hey, how do you beat those dang Imperial Guard as the Space Marines? I have trouble even vs. the AI. Those grenade launchers are waaay too powerful for their cost, and Guard never break once they get some leader units involved. Plus with Plasmas they’ll chew up Marines; and Marines for some reason can’t get bolters until tech 2.

The only thing i do against the computer is fast tech to Hellfire Dreadnaughts. Against human players, i die. Those fire tanks even kill my walkers easily.

Yep, I was lucky and got this too. What a great deal! But I won’t be playing for a while since Civ IV has taken over all my time.

God only knows I’ll get attacked for this based on recent history, but the Guard seems pretty badly overpowered. They kick ork ass as well; they can basically start throwing out devastating close combat heros very early on that just chew through pretty much anything you can throw against them.

It’s not just you… IG are pretty badly broken from a balance point of view. It’s quite disappointing really. :(