Day at the movies - Various (spotlight on The Ring)

The Ring is excellent and creepy as hell. I watched the sneak peak last night and luved it!!

Here’s what I watched yesterday (direct from a thread on my site)

Yesterday, I did something I have’nt done in a while. I watch four movies in row. Back to back.

I had promised myself that I was going to take the entire weekend off because I’ve been under a lot of stree lately. Since there’s no such thing as relaxing in my household, I decided to go the therapeutic route and headed out of the house. If I was in NYC, I’d just go wandering around. But Florida being what it is, you have to frigging drive everywhere to find anything to do.

So, I grabbed the newspaper, put the top of my car down, climbed in and headed for lunch. Determined to make this a relaxing day. :D

At lunch, I mapped out a plan of action which had me seeing four movies in a row and with barely minutes between each one.

Here is what I saw:

[li]Red Dragon @ 1.15pm - 10/10
[/li][li]The Tuxedo @ 3.25pm - 7/10
[/li][li]The Transporter* @ 5.25pm - 10/10
[/li][li]The Ring (sneak preview) @ 7.30pm - 10/10
The theatre I go to has stadium seating, awesome sound and the works. I had packed my own snack, plus a canister of iced tea, which I snuck in between two rolled up mags (Maximum PC and Game Developer).

Man, it was great!! I got home a little before 10pm, took a shower, raided the fridge, watched the news a bit. And passed out. :D

*what? surely you didn’t think I’d see that once, did you? :cool:

I saw the Japanese version of Ring two weeks ago and I’m still scared of my


It’s one of the few horror movies I’ve watched as an adult that has actually creeped me out enough to make walking to the bathroom at night something I feel kind of brave afterwards for having done.

Erik, you should really check out Ring 2, or at least the first five minutes. The rest of the film is pretty disposable, with a climax involving a bunch of scientists scowling at a hot tub and making very serious sounding Japanese speeches about exorcising the evil psychic thoughts from the video tape into the water, but there’s a revelation about Sekuda at the very beginning that somehow makes the first film (and therefore TVs!) even spookier.

I was writing my Dad in America to recommend Ring and he was saying that they wouldn’t release Ring in America on DVD because of the new remake. Where did you get your copy? I’d like to clue him in.

I saw a Korean remake of Ring on the shelves of a video store here the other day, but I’m skeptical that an entirely different ensemble of chattering, pale yellow thespians will make it worth the investment. Seems to me something like having Boston film students remake a Nekromantic tribute set in a Delaware basement or something.

As for Red Dragon, I saw it this past weekend and thought it was pretty good. It is hard to dislike Edward Norton in anything. One disappointment was with the ultimate denouement of Ralph Fiennes’ much-rumored genetically engineered super-penis. I know it was supposedly digitally circumcised, but even so, it was remarkably puny - not even a hint of the tripodic grandeur I had come to expect from the numerous coy Entertainment Weekly articles. In five paltry frames of film, it managed to instantly transmogrify my newest retort (John’s friend: “You’re such a dick!”, Me with a congratulating air: “Well, I’m no Ralph Fiennes, but…”) into a withering self-insult. Big thumbs down there.

Where did you get your copy? I'd like to clue him in.

I dubbed a copy of Ron Dulin’s original copy. I don’t know where Ron got it. In case he got it from Adam at Sierra, I just want to say I didn’t actually get it from Ron. Either way, I’ll ask Ron and report back, or maybe he’ll read this and answer himself.

You mean Ron Dulin dubbed a copy of Ring and gave it to you? Isn’t that the same spooky solution that Ring’s heroine comes up with to prevent Sekuda from crawling out of her television set and psychically murdering her? Maybe Ron’s motives should be questioned here. Oh, and if it has been less than seven days since Ron first gave you a copy, I’d suggest dubbing and dumping a copy of Ring on some other oblivious shill out there - stat. Maybe give it to Brian Koontz or something.

I specifically put a “do not dub and give to Erik” sticker on that copy of The Ring I sent Ron, so when I get in the office on Monday I’m calling the FBI and bringing the hammer DOWN.

Since I don’t want to start another topic, I must interject here and say that the Trainspotter, er, the Transporter, is merely okay – I’d say about 2 1/2 to 3 stars. Nice fight scenes, but the most memorable scene in the commercial (where he deflects the missile with the big tray) is actually missing from the movie.

Almost, almost, saw the Ring though. Maybe I’ll get the DVD…

— Alan

I saw Ring when I worked at a video store (we had a dub of the Japanese DVD) and then I tracked down a copy on eBay because it was the scariest movie I’d seen in years and wanted to own it myself. I loaned the original to Erik (not a dub, unfortunately).

I’m surprised that someone said something positive about Ring 2. I watched it shortly after seeing the first one, and can’t remember a thing, other than it was fairly incoherent and not scary. I have heard that Ring 0 is really good, though.

I particularly liked the fight scene in the oil slick at the bus depot. Freaky stuff!!

That rocket scene was chopped off because it didn’t work. You simply cannot deflect a rocket. Doh!

In case you were wondering, it was the second rocket that he deflected like that because it was headed straight for where the girl was then crouched.

As for the Ring, the DVD is nothing like its big screen adaptation. Go see it on the big screen this weekend. It is most definitely NOT for the weakhearted. Its a classic horror flick without the gratuitious gore which most modern day horror movies like so much to pass off.

I’m waiting to see how Ghost Ship turns out.

I guess there’s a joke to be made involving low-level programming on Intel processors, but I can’t think of one.

Whoa. Wait a second there, dawg. If I wasn’t clear enough earlier describing the entire hot-tub-and-dentist-chair finale to Ring 2, I didn’t mean for it to be a hearty clep-clep of endorsement. Actually, I think Ring 2 is pretty disposable after thje first 5 minutes. But I thought there was something really, really retroactively creepy about the revelation that Sekuda, instead of just dying, had spent 80 years living in the well, directing her murderous psychic powers outward.

The first movie was pretty incoherent too. For horror movies, though, I think incoherence is a plus. Logically, I find a lot of plot holes in Ring: how did a woman who’d lived inside of well for eighty years know about VCRs to begin with? Who was her editor/cinematographer? Who mass produced the tapes? Is that Betamax that Sekuda is using? If so, is that technological social commentary on the stinkiness of Betamax? Either way, if she’s really so psychopathic, why didn’t she go with the broader exposure of VHS?

Apologies. I just don’t remember anything about that movie, except that it somehow worked as a nice antidote to the terror of the first one. I disagree with you that the first one is incoherent. It may be silly at times, but it all makes some kind of sense when it’s over.

The DVD is just the original, unreleased-in-America Japanese film. I’m really curious to see how well they’ve adapted it, but I can’t help but worry that it won’t be anywhere near as scary. The money shot in Ring haunted me for two days, at which point I saw Ring 2.

But, but, but, the marine in the Halo book did it! With his fist!

Actually I thought entire rocket scene didn’t work at all.

I think you probably could deflect a rocket but you’d have to hit it along the side, not from the front (ala the Iraqi Tomahawk Chop).

— Alan

It looks sweet in the previews, though.

That guy should have had a fight scene with Brad Pitt in Snatch. I had no idea he had those move after seeing him in several other flicks where he was slightly more sedate.

“Ya like dugs?”

Actually I thought entire rocket scene didn’t work at all.

I think you probably could deflect a rocket but you’d have to hit it along the side, not from the front (ala the Iraqi Tomahawk Chop).

— Alan[/quote]

Indeed. In the trailer, he did deflect it from the side. He kinda side-swiped it.

I guess we’d probably get to see it in the DVD as an extra! :D

Not even in BC3K?

Not even in BC3K?[/quote]

LOL!!! No, but you can just hit the crouch key and dodge it…assuming it was fired blind and not in locked mode. :D :D

Man, I just saw “The Transporter” last nite. Ugh.

There were some nice action scenes that had me smiling, which was, after all, why I went. (However, I was pissed off that the tiny French econocar just died, and he had to continue to the big battle by plane. I would have prefered to have seen him kicking ass in the tiny compact car.)

But during the plot exposition/romatic scenes it seemed like the movie was written by an extremely talented fourth grader. Oh man… Gives me newfound respect for the writing craft behind Starwars Ep. II. What garbage.

The only thing that might have redeemed it would have been if, when they opened the container, instead of what was in there, a bunch of teenaged mutant ninja turtles had jumped out to kill the Transporter.

“Even though he was evil, he was still my Dad”