"Day of Silence" tomorrow, do with it as you will

(Hate me for my ideas/political orientation, don’t hate me because I like to dress “pretty”, wink.)

More power to you CindySue.

Hah, it’ll be cool to see how this works out.

This is targeted at schools? I predict the opposite of the desired effect.

I’m being quiet right this second… isn’t that good enough?

Makes me want to listen to Chris all day on American Idol.

Have to admit that is fairly power symbolism.


I actually already blew this, by accident. Sorry.

That’s bullshit, fuck those people. They should have checked their fucking calendars and noticed the fuck that it’s goddamn motherfucking adminstrative fucking professionals day, and secretaries aren’t going to stand for that shit.


I mean, for shitting the fuck tits out loud, I know there’s a lot of goddamn dipshit fancyfuck days that people have to avoid, but come the fuck on, it’s my ass if I give secretaries the silent treatment on their flippyflicking fucking day.

Do dockworkers, meter maids, cops, or any frickin’ other person get a day? Hallmark just figured out that bosses always feel sorry for their secretaries.

They have unions. Fucking duh.

Also, fuck meter maids with rapacious, cold, dry, concrete, scrabbly dilbydos.

The GLSEN organizers are projecting that in 2006, aproximately 500,000 students at 4,000 different schools will participate.

They misspelled “GLENN.”

Are you calling me a gay and lesbian student?

More than you think:

January 12 - Pharmacist’s Day
February 5 - Weatherman’s Day
First Friday in March - National Salesperson Day
March 6 - Dentist’s Day
March 9 - Employee Appreciation Day
March 30 - Doctor’s Day
April 4 - School Librarian Day
April 13 - Russian Cosmonaut Day
April 16 - National Librarian Day
April 18 - International Juggler’s Day
April 20 - Volunteer Recognition Day
May 6 - Nurses’ Day
May 6-12 - Nurses’ Week
Tuesday of the first full week in May - Teachers’ Day
Wednesday during Nurses’ Week - School Nurses’ Day
May 13 - Leprechaun Day
May 20 - Armed Forces Day
June 9 - Nurse’s Assistant Day
June 26 - Beauticians’s Day
June 28 - National Columnist’s Day
July 22 - Ratcatcher’s Day
August 22 - Tooth Fairy Day
October 2 - National Custodial Worker Day
October 5 - World Teacher’s Day
October 6 - Mad Hatter Day
October 6 - Physcian Assistant Day
October 12 - Farmer’s Day
October 12 - Emergency Nurses Day
October 16 - Bosses Day
October 23 - TV Talk Show Host Day
October 26 - Mule Day
November 1 - All Saint’s Day
November 3 - Housewife’s Day
November 14 - Operating Room Nurse Day

you missed steak and blowjob day.

I don’t even want to know if you’re kidding.

Leprechaun Day? It would make more sense if it were Leper Day. Tooth Fairy Day? Great, day’s for two beings that don’t exist. Oops, forgot Mad Hatter’s Day. Ridiculous. But those make more sense than “Day of Silence.”

You totally missed my favorite, International Women’s Day, March 8. I expect a card from all of you next March.