Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever

I mean in general, but it looks like Florida might join Hawaii and Arizona in ending it this year!

Car accidents increase notably, and for the whole week or so. Keep this in mind next week as you drive, QT3ers.

The EU parliament also just voted on examining daylight savings time with the aim of eliminating it and i’m all for it.

I used to do an hour commute every day. It was a bit scary during this period of time.

Now I work from home, so I’m do all the shopping I need for the week, and staying in doors!

DST hating is weird. I’m not strongly in favour of it or anything, but I really don’t get the angst.

That’s not a thing the European Parliament gets to decide, though. Not unless the Commission wants it to.

No one hates DST. We just want it year round.

Winters are brutal enough in Seattle, which is the nothernmost major US city. You think Florida has it bad, try a winter in Seattle. Sun is down by 4 PM.

I didn’t bother going into detail, but it is as you describe: the parliament voted on giving the commission the task of examining and potentially eliminating it.

Living in Chicago, which is on the far eastern edge of Central time, and fairly far north for a major US city, I hate it with a burning passion. OR, more accurately for my location, I’d rather have permanent DST here.

The reason is simple, for years I would effectively not see the sun from December until February during the week. I’d get up and go to work, and by the time I got there the sun was just starting to come up. But then it’d be dark by 4, and so it’s night by the time I leave work.

So when the clocks fall back, I get angry since I just lost the only usable daylight I had for the next 3 months.

Fuck DST. I’m always fucked for a week after the time change. Please get rid of it.

Wait. Permanent DST? So what Florida really wants is to join the Atlantic time zone? Madness.

Assembly Bill 807 would put California into permanent DST but according to Ballotpedia it’s not currently on the ballot but could be placed on it by June 5, 2018.

This seems to be a problem with latitude, not DST. And it’s the same in the UK (more so, even). Then again, I hate the sun.

Permanent DST is correct. Madness it is not though.

From a news story about this:

For example, on the shortest day of 2017, the winter solstice of the northern hemisphere on Dec. 21, sunrise was at 7:04 a.m. and sunset was at 5:34 p.m. Under daylight saving time, sunrise would have been at 8:04 a.m. and sunset at 6:34 p.m.

Which fixes the issue Craig described above. And for that reason I’m totally for it.

I’m for darkness in the shitty morning and sun in the early evening. I can’t stand having it pitch black at 6pm. I spend months feeling like the world is broken.

Seems to me that would create more automobile accidents in the morning hours with everyone headed to work in the dark.

There is a bill in the Alberta to eliminate DST. I am against it unless all of North America goes along with it. Time zones are one thing to remember but now adding in if an area is now one hour or two hours different depending on the time of year, no thanks. It throws off sporting events for prime time on national broadcasts. Airlines here claim that it would affect them significantly. I don’t find DST that big of deal.

When I used to live in Qatar in my youth, they addressed this by changing school/work hours at certain times of the year. That seemed like a more practical answer to this than changing the time for everyone. Just change people’s hours as needed.

I hate DST changing for the same reasons as @CraigM, above. I read an article a few years back about how to turn the USA into having only two time zones. Ah, here it is:

Yes and no. Lattitude plays a part (though, technically, Chicago is about 12 miles south of Rome), but in reality it is our longitude that is at issue. I’m between 8 and 30 miles west of the time zone border, depending on if you take closest to me or furthest west. Which means that our sunrise and sunset are, effectively, as early as possible. Meaning from the day DST changes, until February, we don’t have sun after 5pm.

Realistically I would hate it far less if Chicago was on Eastern time, for that reason.

Until recently the western portion of Indiana did exactly that. So the state had, effectively, 3 time zone settings. Chicago metro area, CST, the western part of Indiana not included in the Chicago metro (so Terre Haute and Evansville) permanent DST (so Eastern time in winter, Central in summer), and Indianapolis and the eastern half of the state were normal Eastern time.

When I went to school in Terre Haute it was kinda nice actually.

Two clocks on every wall! Indiana time and Illinois time. Same half the year, different the other half. I remember it well.

As an (ex)IT professional I firmly support anything that simplifies the whole DST process. Every year something is misconfigured and causes problems. Usually minor but occasionally a royal pain.

I don’t get why Canada even has daylight savings time - in the summer we have tons of daylight already.

Actually I do know. Apparently one reason for the switch is that we’re scared of kids walking to school in the dark, which could happen if we keep DST during the winter. Yes we are that pathetic.