Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


And what do you think would happen to sleep patterns if sunrise were shifted to 4:30 am for two months?


Nothing. Just close the windows.


Dude, you literally don’t know what you’re talking about.

We freaking already have sunset at 4pm in December and January. Permanent DST would mean it’s closer to 5.

Permanent summer daylight hours please!


Ah, you’re right. But permanent DST would move sunrise to close to 8:30 am in the winter. No thanks.

Just go to bed early one night of the year.


You body doesn’t work like that. We actually have an internal clock that regulates everything. I posted about it early.


For some people, going to bed an hour early and getting up an hour early is very easy. For others, it’s a hardship.

Likewise, for some people “just close the windows” would solve the problem. For others, it simply won’t work.


Yes, but we see that it impact a sizable portion of the population in a negative way.

Some people can do heroin not never get addicted. That doesn’t mean legalizing it is the best idea.


You assume that getting rid of DST would have no negative impact on the population. I disagree.


Sorry. I was sleeping.


Meanwhile my reaction is absolutely in favor of that trade.


I mean, I get it. Some would be better off, some wouldn’t. I’m just trying to point out that the effect is not universally positive.


Where as leaving it as is is universal negative.
Right now everyone suffers.


I was in the Philippines recently and, holy shit, sitting in the passenger seat freaked me out. There is what seems like total chaos around you. Not just other vehicles (mainly the beloved motorized tricycle that serves as taxis over there) but also pedestrians and animals everywhere. We went through Manila at about 5 AM in the morning and there were freaking bicyclists on the damn highway. You are totally engaged when driving over there.

Only saw one accident in three weeks.


Challenge accepted! In the spring we’ll call the holiday Lent Brightening Day, giving people more time to be properly worshipful in daylight. In the fall, we can call it Military Preparedness Day, getting ready to have more daylight for Veterans Day. God and country, it can’t fail!


I don’t care about DST or whatever because I am diurnal and an obligate carnivore. I prefer sleeping in the middle of the day, preferably on warm laundry.


As an aside, I was watching something from the Tableau Data Meeting, and someone was talking about health data. She said that when she was pregnant with her child, the docs told her that if she did something, she doubled the chance of a bad thing happening. She asks the doc, ok what are the percentages. Doc says: it jumps from 1% to 2%.


2% isn’t small though. That’s 2 out of every 100 births. 1 in 50. That happens, 1 in 50 times. That’s higher that the risk of Down Syndrome in people over 30.

By the way, what was it?


I don’t remember. I am not even sure the percentages were right. It did remind me that sometimes “doubling” doesn’t move the needle much.


Sure, but that isn’t the case this time. Also I am going through it right now, and it’s painful.

It’s like a fog. It’s uncomfortable, and my work suffers from it. And I went to sleep early


I think, perhaps, this is one of those threads I will bow out of.