Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


Most of SE Asia is like that. I remember my first trip to Manila, I was taking a taxi to my hotel, and we came to a 4-way intersection. Cars from all four directions entered at once, stopping short of colliding with everyone else in the center. 10 seconds later, everyone was moving again. If that situation had happened here, there would almost certainly be a collision, and if not, it would’ve taken 20 minutes just to unfuck itself.


This is some of the dumbest arguments I’ve seen.

You know what would happen if sunrise were at 4:30 AM? People would adjust and they’d be fine. There are a lot of people who live above the arctic circle where they have sunlight for 2 months straight and never see darkness. And then the opposite of that where they don’t see the sun for 2 months. They adjust just fine. So would we to a 4:30 AM sunrise.

The bottom line is - constantly switching our time back and forth is beyond stupid.


Japan doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time, yet is one of the safest countries in the developed world.

It’s silly to argue that clock switching is the only way to prevent a seasonal apocalypse of sleep-deprived workers and dead children.


Dave, I hate to break it to you, but a fair number of countries observe Daylights savings time. Many do it the last Sunday in March. Why a Sunday, I have no clue. If they did it on Saturday, maybe the extra day would save us from ourselves, as @YakAttack argues.


Ugh, sorry. I feel dumb. In my defense, I spent a year living in Japan when I was younger, and I guess I universalized out from there. D’oh. I’ll edit my post to be less wrong.


Norway is even safer than Japan, and they do observe Daylight Savings Time. So what?

You are projecting.


and fight to end it worldwide


You’re the one invoking a nightmare world where the terrible 4 am sun crushes your productivity and causes you to have a car crash, while the terrible winter sunset will murder the children.

My counterargument is that Japan exists, and is not the place you describe.

Norway can also exist.


LOL no. I’m arguing that losing DST could have net negative effects, not that it would cause an apocalypse. In other words, perhaps Japan with DST would be more like Norway.


The entire world should be on Eastern standard Time, always.


Fuck it, let’s just all get on Swatch Internet Time.


OK, let’s just keep DST year-round. I’d rather not have utter dark of night by 4:30 in late November anyway.

And I most DEFINITELY don’t want to see a hint of the dawn before 5 AM in late June. Eff that in the ear.


Well, if I had to choose between year round DST and no DST, then personally I would prefer the former. But people who live in lower latitudes (like, say, Arizona) would probably prefer the latter. Which means that instead of four continental time zones, you could end up with eight.

While we’re at it, why have a one hour difference between time zones? Chicago is on the east edge of central time, which means that sunrise and sunset always feel much earlier than they should. Maybe Chicago should be UTC -5.5, instead of UTC -6 (or UTC -5 in the summer). India has long been using UTC +5.5, after all. So if Chicagoans have to find a single comfortable time zone, let’s do it the right way. Visitors from the East Coast might consider it a hassle, but screw them. Our circadian rhythms come first.

Or maybe Timex has the the right idea. Everyone should abandon local time, exclusively use UTC, and adjust our schedules as necessary.


I’d love for this to be the case.


Still over 41%, and that’s only the people that are conscious of it. .

Besides, people’s opinions does mean shit. The majority of people thought that seat beats were stupid too at one time. Or that there was nothing wrong with smoking. Hell, there are still people in the US that think climate change is a hoax or the world is flat. People arent exactly good judges of risk or benefits.

When it comes to public health and safety, I would take facts and figures over what the lay person thinks is going on. Gut feelings and how it should be is the thinking of Donald Trump and others of his ilk. But hey, he did get voted in to office, so maybe you are on the right side of this issue after all.


And yet you said that despite “facts and figures”, we should keep the Superbowl and World Cup because they bring “joy to the majority of people”. Is majority opinion important to you only when you supports what you like?

Also, for the record a majority of people don’t smoke, a majority of people believe in climate change, and a majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton.


Sure, but at one time, that wasn’t the case. At one time, people believed that climate change wasn’t real, or that smoking wasn’t a problem. At one time, people thought that interracial marriage was wrong. And yet, we still made changes (especially Interracial marriages, that happened way before it was popular in the US). Also, despite Hillary winning the popular vote, we still got Trump.

What I am trying to get at is, when it comes to health issues, I don’t care what the man on the street says. I don’t ask a random person whether I might have a cold, and I don’t ask a random person how to fly a space shuttle, or advice on sky diving.

It’s fun to do polls and get opinions, but in the end of the day, I trust experts evidence, not popular opinion.

But hey, go with you gut. 46% of the voting population did in 2016, and it’s not like that turned out badly.


So if it doesn’t matter what other people think then should we immediately ban the Superbowl and World Cup, based on the direct evidence of harm?




Superbowl fucks with my TV schedule, I’m down with getting rid of it.