Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


You’re missing the asymetry of passion. A strict majority of the poll may say they don’t care (and I really question this polls results because I have literally never heard anyone like DST), but a large plurality hates it.

I mean if you were asking friends ‘where do you want to go for dinner’ and 5 said I don’t care, and 4 said tacos, then you are going to get tacos. Because though it didn’t have a majority, it had a majority of people with an opinion.

So when a slim majority answers ‘it doesn’t bother me’, but a large plurality says it bothers them, to really bothers them, then the answer is to ditch the antiquated routine.


I still don’t get why people think its antiquated. The justification is the same as it ever was: switching the clocks makes sense for people with non-agricultural employment in temperate latitudes. What is antiquated is thinking people should just get up with the sun, without regard for what the clock says.


I like DST. I thought that was pretty clear, actually.

That’s an interesting take on how to make public policy. Does it apply to other topics? Should we make decisions on gun control based on whether gun owners are sufficiently passionate about guns? If a minority of people are really, really opposed to abortion, should that outweigh a pro-choice majority if they are not equally passionate?


What’s antiquated is following a WW2 social custom ignoring our biology.


Look if you’re going to be disingenuous in this discussion, fine. I was referring to the poll. You know that, but seem determined to fight this one for the sake of fighting.


I know, but your reasoning seems rather ad hoc. There were very similar polls when Obamacare was proposed: a lukewarm majority in support vs a vehement minority in opposition. I didn’t care about “asymmetry in passion” back then, and I don’t see why I should care now.


You guys have sucked any joy or even interest I had in this topic right down the drain.


Yeah, this topic generated more noise than Manafort or Brexit or many other threads.


Ancient civilizations adjusted daily schedules to the sun more flexibly than DST does, often dividing daylight into 12 hours regardless of daytime, so that each daylight hour became progressively longer during spring and shorter during autumn.[20] For example, the Romans kept time with water clocks that had different scales for different months of the year; at Rome’s latitude, the third hour from sunrise ( hora tertia ) started at 09:02 solar time and lasted 44 minutes at the winter solstice, but at the summer solstice it started at 06:58 and lasted 75 minutes.[21]

Sounds good to me.


Shsh. I suppose next you’ll suggest the metric system.


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The European Parliament has just voted to end DST. Council has yet to take a position.


One more reason to move back to the Netherlands it seems.


Wait, each individual country still has to vote? What system of government is this! How does anything get done!!


Well, it’s Council (ie heads of member states) coming to a conclusion. I think it’s qualified majority vote in this instance.