Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


Add in the fact that this year DST fell while I was in india, which does not observe it? Made hell trying to talk with the family.


Well, there is the sudden spike in deaths and injury, the loss of productive and grades.

But if the loss of life isn’t a big issue, I just hate to lose sleep, especially since my kids won’t know or care about the difference.


It’s one day a year! I lose sleep for various causes maybe 100 days a year. I don’t go around seething with burning hatred for those things.


The effects actually last about a week. So, it’s a week of deaths and injury, lost production and grade.

All do people not getting enough sleep because of the sudden shift in everyone’s schedule because of reasons that were not true to begin with and aren’t true today.


When Indiana changed that, I was sitting at Kokomo Speedway for a sprint car race where the sun didn’t go down until 10PM. That’s just not right.


It doesn’t help that the US does it 2 weeks before other countries, making timezones even a big pain in the ass.

Calling my parents in the Netherlands is tough enough without need to factor the extra hour.

Anyway, attach is the research that everyone already knows.


Yeah why did they change that? It used to dependably be the last weekend in April and the last one in October.

I always take at least the morning of the next day off in the spring if I can. Weekends are short enough as it is.


That would be an awesome idea. Sadly, for 401(k)s, March 15 is the deadline for about 60 % of the work, so taking time off isn’t feasible.


I guess I have a problem with “permanent DST” being the solution to dark evenings. How about we all just start using UTC and employers can decide when they want to have work hours? Maybe you work from 14:00 to 22:00 UTC, for example. The problem is having to work until it’s dark, not what time it is.


Don’t think of it as permanent DST. Think of it as picking start and end times for the day that are actually sane.


I COMPLETELY agree. I’m still in it, and work for a global company. We end up logging everything in GMT, but then you have to extrapolate what happened around the globe at that time and you also need to know who is in DST, who isn’t, etc. It’s a pain in the ass. And as you mentioned, it gets misconfigured all the damned time.

I don’t care which way we go with it, but we really need either no-DST or all-DST. And while we’re at it, at least one less timezone from coast-to-coast in the US.


I do have seething hatred for the jerks who blast the subwoofer around here.

edit: Dear FBI i have no intention to murder anyone, thank you.


Florida’s not trying to end DST…they’re trying to switch to it all-year, which is apparently not allowed under Federal law.

AZ and HI exempt themselves from DST, which is legal.


It’s the switching that is the problem. Anything that solves that is good.


Then Florida should’ve voted to stay on standard time. That doesn’t require congressional approval, the prospect of which seems iffy at best.


I wouldn’t mind having DST all year, honestly. More daylight at the end of the day is fine with me, and who needs the sun to be up at 4:30 in the morning in the summertime anyway (especially since, if you have your windows open, the birds all start going crazy and wake you up)?


George W Bush administration, in typical GOP fashion, found an empty and low cost solution to help with global warming. Why take real action when you can extend DST for two weeks for free?


Death to daylight savings time! Hail the glorious single time future!


It takes me WEEKS to adapt to the change. My sleep is a delicate and tricky thing, and this just screws everything up.


I usually lose sleep because of obligations to my job, friends, or family. In those cases, losing sleep is worth the sacrifice.

I am much less happy when I lose sleep for a bad reason.

And there cannot be a worse reason to lose sleep than “A century ago bad research suggested this would be a good idea, but it actually makes us all less efficient, less happy, and more dead.”