Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


Pretty much. It’s a stupid thing that somehow we still do for no good reason.


DST adjustment is a significant pain in the silicon, for all kinds of computerized stuff. Not just large IT, networks, servers, but tons of little embedded devices with clocks, like thermostats, alarms, electronic locks, access points, phones, cameras, and all of them running obsolete versions of some random micro OS with no NTP and mostly no way to adjust or control changes to DST dates, etc. I am ready for time changes to go away – just set it and forget it.


Somewhere, somehow, SOMEONE is making money from it. Some politicians, obviously, since they’re the ones with the power to change it. I can’t even begin to imagine how someone could be making money from it, but I keep telling myself it’s the only explanation for why we continue to do this thing that everybody hates and that no one can explain the benefit of.



The majority of Americans also think they are above average drivers.

Anyway, rather than polling, I wish news agencies would actually do some journalism and report the facts, not what people believe. This isn’t church


Surveys are good for news, as they can stimulate discussion.

My take on it?

The majority of people, 55%, actually aren’t disrupted at all by DST.

So we are, for no good reason anymore, disrupting 45% of the population?


I have to disagree. Surveys are just editorials writ large, not actual news.

News should inform people, not people inform news.


So editorials shouldn’t exist? Interesting.


They should, but shouldn’t be confused with news. It’s one of the many problems with cable television, especially fox news.

It’s why they are separated out from regular news in papers.


If you want to complain about ratio, that’s fine. CNN has the entirety of their website, streaming service and news channel. But here, in an article about Daylight Savings Time, this is where you draw your line?


I don’t care what my fellow man thinks. A lot of them voted for Donald Trump, so my opinion of everyone else isn’t exactly that high.

Give me the facts. Give me the science. Why is DST good, why is it bad. What is the impact? That’s called journalism.

Polling is not journalism. Polling is just competition or sports (at least how our news services use it). It’s especially bad in the realm of politics, where news services are more interested in the horse race instead of what the policies mean to us.


People are going to be in support of it, simply because it’s the status quo, and they’re used to it. I would say it doesn’t disrupt me at all, but I’d still be for eliminating it.

(Well, I hate it from a professional perspective because scheduling things is annoying, but I wouldn’t say it’s a “disruption”)


That sounds like a potential problem. Your fellow man has power. Understanding what they want seems kinda important, most notably as elections approach - the biggest poll in the country. Opinions have power, especially when there’s a collection of them working toward a common goal. Those are facts. Sad facts in the case of Trump, but still facts.

As for the science, that’s been done. It’s a known quantity. The interesting part here? The opinion of the people is what will drive the policy in the end, and those opinions shift.


The problem is that we ask people on the street their opinions about things they know nothing about, and refuse to give them any information.

We live in this worst timeline because we take the common man and for some reason feel their opinions have the same merit as those with experience and knowledge.

If you want to show me a poll of what economists think, or Industrial/Organizational psychologist, or safety experts, or what have you, I’ll take it. I’d love to know what people in the know think. But this man on the street crap has to be one of the worst examples of lazy journalism, outside of making crap up.


Although I don’t have a super-strong opinion either way, I do kinda like switching times. It breaks up the monotony, and suddenly having an extra hour of waking daylight is pretty awesome. I think I’d miss it a little if it were gone.


I would not miss the switching. Not would any parent of young children. Bedtime was rough tonight.


So say we all.


I’ve always found it a minor nuisance, nothing more. I never knew the increased accident rates were a thing. Seems ridiculous to have that kind of reaction to a change of one hour, but if people know they are that affected by it, they ought to start changing their bedtime a few days ahead to start getting used to it.


Not only was today bad because of the switch to Daylight Savings Time, but I also had to take my kids to a 2-hour long birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. OMG kill me now.


Illinois is in the correct time zone, geographically.

Indiana OTOH should be in Central time zone, too, but isn’t because Indiana wants to suck New York dick.