Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


I’ve never cared one whit about Daylight Saving Time. For my entire life, I’ve been able to adjust to the hour without any trouble. Smooth sailing for decades.

This year, if you can believe it, was the first time I’ve ever been exposed to any of the anti-DST stuff, through this thread. And this week has been horrible. I can’t sleep, people at work are cranky, it’s horrible. I’m convinced this was never the case before now. So I blame you guys for exposing me to this – it’s like a reverse placebo.




It’s happening again soon. I hope everyone is ready for it.

And for the love of god, if you can find a reason not to be on the road or operate heavy machinery next week, do so. You might just save someones life. Maybe your own.




I feel like Daylight Saving Time is a bi-partisan issue that any candidate could use to win a lot of votes. I might even vote for Trump if he declared a national emergency to cancel it.


Fuck. FUCK.


Hell yea, spring forward! My favorite time of year. So excited.


Changing the clocks suck but I would choose DST to be the default.

Early sunsets are worse than late sunrises.


I’m not looking forward to it being fully dark when I get up in the mornings on Monday.

OTOH, it’s going to be great to have some daylight time every day after I get home.



I’m doing the fistbump explosion thing with you right now.


I just punched my tablet across the room agreeing with you and @forgeforsaken so hard


You are all wrong. You realize that right, @CraigM, @forgeforsaken and @KevinC.

Waking up with the sun is a time honored tradition. Besides, if you live up North, you already have sunlight until 10 PM during the summer.


Whatever, man. Come Monday after work, I’ll be sitting on my patio sipping a pina colada and enjoying the sun. I mean yeah it’ll be 43 degrees and blustery, but sunshine!


Luckily we accidentally scheduled our daughter’s overnight birthday stay at Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday night so yay, 1 fewer hour to sleep after a day of the water park. Screw DST.


Fuck that. I want usable daylight. And I am up north, north of you I know. Also Chicago is on the god damn eastern fringe of CST, so I regularly don’t see sun from December to February, sine it gets dark by 4.


Craig, DH or DST - which is worse?


Than again, I no longer live in the Netherlands. I’m just remember how room face the sun.


Hmm, depends. If you mean DH at it’s current setup? then DST hands down.

But if you mean expanding the DH to the NL? I WILL BURN YOU WITH THE FIRE OF 1000 SUNS


Damn, thought you’d be willing to sacrifice pitchers sacrificing for the good of America! :D