Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


Lets do this


Maybe Rubio will try again (from 2018)


What cracks me up is my cats. They know when 5:00 is, DST or not. Sunday at 5pm they will be bitching for dinner, even if we think it’s 4.


My doggos as well. Dinner and walkies.


I am in extra special DST Hell right now b/c I’m in CA (on Pacific DST) but the home office of my firm is in AZ which is on Pacific Time but without DST. So right now, I’m an hour behind the home office, but Sunday I will be in synch. And then this coming November we will de-synch again. And then…

Death to DST!


It’ll be short-lived, but I’m looking forward to our cat not trying to wake us up at 6a on a Saturday for breakfast.


Nitpick. Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time.

I agree with the most important point, however. Death to DST!


Or an alternative at least:


Compromise: Death to Arizona!


I’d be okay with both suggestions ;)


Compromise: Fall back only, no spring forward.


Nice. That way in 24 years, you’re back to the original time!


My state of Maine is attempting again to change to Atlantic Time which would put us ahead an hour and do away with changing the clocks twice a year. I’m all for it. Driving in Maine once it gets dark can be pretty hazardous - so many very dark roads… and we even live in a relatively populated area (by Maine standards, anyway).

I’m all for this change, and it continues to boggle my mind that we still engage in this pointless behavior.


Finally, the common sense solution we need.


Amen to that. If I never had to experience another 75F+ day again, I’d be fucking thrilled.

A-fucking-men. Give me whatever time variant lets me live in darkness as much as possible. Goddamn I hate sunlight. Too bright, burns, gives everyone cancer slowly, strips stuff of its color, makes everything goddamn hot, makes shit reflective, hard to drive toward. . . fuck sunlight.

All that said, can we just pick one timezone and stick with it year-round? This switching shit is for the birds.


I swear that complaints about DST in the olden days in this forum led to derision. I am glad everyone is finally on the same clock.

edit: Quick check and it looks like I am wrong.


The thing that irks me the most is that it’s George W Bush. His incompetent administration just had to add insult to injury. At the time we knew it was a nothing gesture to climate change and emissions, and they did it anyway, because nothing gestures to make up for gross incompetence, is what they did best. It’s his personal little legacy that reaches through time to slap us in the face three weeks early.

Sorry for pointing this out!


Wow. Someone that sees things the correct way - ie, as I do.


I mean, in the end, it’s all about switching. Just stop the switching!