Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


My spirit brothers, all of you.

I’m actually okay with being outside and in the sun under 2 exceptions which are nearly impossible to avoid in the south:

  1. Less than 80 degrees
  2. Low humidity

I MELT when it’s high humidity out and blazing hot. People wanting to save an hour of sunlight a day need to live in the South for the months of July and August.


A sunny day in winter is fine, although it’s a little annoying because the low sun gets in your eyes. Summer can go fuck itself though.


One of the nice things about growing up in the Netherlands is that it was too far North to get hot, and the the warm air from the Caribbean kept it from getting too cold in the summer.

The downside was having a lot of rain and not much snow. And super long days in the summer and super short days in the winter.

I guess that describes a lot of coastal Western Europe though. Worse if you live up north though.


Warm air from the Caribbean? Are you talking about Curacao? Don’t tell me that air goes all the way to Europe.

oh wow.


The Gulf Stream goes to Europe. It’s why we aren’t as cold as we should be.


Not even the air is safe from looting.


I was recently on a cruise that went up the coast of Norway, and spent about a week above the Arctic Circle (looking for the Northern Lights - sadly, despite trying, that never happened. Mother Nature is, in fact, a bitch). And sure, it was cold and wintery, but never terrible because the gulf stream just runs right up the coast. So even in Alta, which is way the hell up there, the high was still in the low-mid 20’s.

I’d move there in an instant, if not for the whole job thing, and being near family and friends. And it’d be hard to watch sporting events in the US.

Also, as a country, they love Pepsi Max (Pepsi Zero Calorie here in the US). They even have flavors that aren’t available here, such as lime and ginger (which, TBH, was a little odd). They are definitely my people.

Also also, the whole ‘sunrise at 9 AM’ thing was odd, but then it didn’t get dark until after 6, so that was fine for me. I actually would mind being up there for the arctic night period.


You people are crazy. The sun is the furnace that burns away the dross and leaves us strong and pure. Heat anneals us. Humidity washes us. All hail Ra!


Two words: ball sweat

*drops the microphone*


Mmmhmmm. Ain’t nothin’ worse than some gen-yoo-wine Florida swamp ass.


Down here in the Andes, the sun rises and sets at the same time year-round, and we don’t truck with that nonsense of resetting clocks occasionally, and we’re high enough (in every way) that life is not a miserable ball of sweat. Pretty nice, really.


I hear it’s a magical place.




You want bad scheduling? For the past 5 years we’ve been going to Vegas for the Pac-12 basketball tourney. Every year spring forward has been Sunday morning . Ugh.


How the heck do we get Michigan off stupid daylights savings time?


So, I had an odd DST experience. During the week, my wife watches an elementary school girl after school since we live across the street from the school. It’s a easy gig, and our two girls really like her.

So anyway, this week we couldn’t watch her because my wife had to go to a doctors appointment for my eldest, for her check up. Usually, I would be in my office basement, but since our youngest was feeling sick with a stomach bug, I was in the living room watching her until my wife got back.

Anyway, the DST part comes up because the young lady shows up at our door. It turns out her grandfather was supposed to show up, and he hadn’t yet. It was no problem for her to hang out, and an hour later, her dad showed up. Turns out, her grandfather completely forgot about DST, and thought he had an extra hour.

I just am glad I was able to watch her for that hour. If I had been in my basement, I would never had known she was at the door. Our door bell doesn’t work properly.

But it got me thinking. How many other people missing important dates or appointments. All because of DST.


Man, my offshore team at work is in India. This week has been a mess making sure everyone gets to meetings at the same time. It’s tough as is, with the nearly 12 hour difference. Add in a time change?

Feh, screw this nonsense.


Geographically, Chicago should be in GMT-6. Actually, the whole of North America has got things messed up.


We have the same problem every time the time changes for about a week after the change. Nothing like working for a global company and us being the only idiots that change time twice a year.


I mean the whole planet has it messed up. The US is at least mostly internally consistent.