Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


As a nerd, this bothers me.


I mean look at South America. Peru get your shit together.

Russia just skips a whole zone effectively. Twice.


Peru is actually in the correct zone. Brazil is doing a pretty good job too. (It’s split in half, with both parts in the proper zones.)


Chicago is in GMT-6.

During Daylight Savings Time it switches to GMT-5, because Chicagoans don’t want their sunrise at 4:30 am. In the fall it switches back to its proper time zone.

And if you think that North America currently looks messed up on that map, then you’ll understand why some people don’t like the idea of year-round DST.


I don’t care what time zone Chicago is in, so long as a) it’s consistent year round, and b) prime time TV is from 7-10. Fuck that 8-11 bullshit the coasts use.


I really don’t care whether it’s permanent DST or permanent true time, it’s the change that’s a huge problem. As has been noted upthread, there’s a significant spike in traffic accidents, heart attacks, and a measurable drop in productivity and concentration associated with this idiotic little ritual. It benefits no one and harms quite a lot of people in real ways, let’s just be done with it.


Agreed, get rid of it and keep standard time. I’m not a morning person and the first few weeks of DST are brutal.


It’s not true that the time change has no benefit. The vast majority of people have more leisure hours after work/school than before. Daylight savings time serves to keep the interval between sunrise and the start of work more constant, and the interval between the end of work and sunset less constant. Therefore, the differently lit hours fall mainly in our leisure time when our personal activities are more easily adapted. This is a societal benefit; you may argue that it doesn’t outweigh the costs of changing times, but I would say it does.


No they have sunlight. The leisure hours remain the same, irregardless. And it’s one hour, not hours.

Look, we all understand the benefit of more sunlight after work. But if there was just one time and it didn’t change, we would adapt, as humans do. Pick whichever time you like, more sunlight in the summer or winter, but you’re going to have to give up one or the other for the sake of non-change consistency. I have no problem if we lock our “timezone” to summer time. But man, it’s going to be dark in winter, are you okay with that?


I am not.


What if it’s really, really dark though, and if there were noises?


Then you are likely to be eaten by a Grue.


wield savings-time


And that’s worth a bunch of needless deaths and a pile of lost productivity? You really value sunlit leisure time, I guess.


No-savings-time dropped.


Kids going to school and people going to work in the dark also causes needless deaths and lost productivity; it’s just more spread out.


It IS golf!


What are you basing this on? I really need evidence to believe such an odd claim.

The damage of daylights saving time is well documented though.

The only thing that is true is that more people shop after work because of daylight savings time. Congratulations, another win for rampant consumerism.


[citation needed]

Plenty of research cited in this thread about the problems and dangers of this idiotic time change. Care to cite anything to the contrary?


I feel good. I just emails Pat Toomey and Bob Casey about it.

I should probably email my state representatives as well.