Days Gone coming to PC

I need to stop buying console exclusives.

Damn the price stings. I bought it for 20 bucks a year ago for PS4… (and sold it because I couldn’t stand the framerate).

I really wanna play it but 50 euros is…ehhh

I’ll probably bite anyway.

Heh. I was thinking of the same thing the other day because someone on the forum said the best way to experience Horizon Zero Dawn was on a good PC (which I now have). That stung. I already bought the Complete edition on PS4 years ago for $20, but now that’s not the best version I can play anymore! (Btw, I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet).

Same boat, I have a dozen PS4 games I haven’t played yet.

That’s my old job! I’ll be interested in seeing the take on it.

59.94 fps! At last!

I see what you did there.

I bought HZD 3 times (physical, digital, PC) so I guess getting this for “free” on PSN Plus last month before the PC release stings less.

Hey, it’s already 60fps on PS5!

My recomendation for people who will be picking this up for the first time on PC: don’t waste too much time grinding out reputation for the first two camps. It’s like the Hinterlands in Dragon Age: Inquisition, there’s so much more game to see.

Is it good? Like, if I liked HZD, and other open-worldish games like AC: Valhalla or the like, will this fit the bill?

Probably. It’s decent, main character is bit unlikable though, but not nearly as bad as Aiden Pierce or the new Lara Croft. You get a motorbike and there’s some light survival stuff (collecting fuel and doing repairs). It’s very Sons of Anarchy crossed with Walking Dead. There’s a mix of gunplay and stealth, and you fight zombies along with human raiders. The hordes are neat and large and not what you see in typical zombie game and require real thought to deal with, but also they are infrequent and you don’t have to deal with them if you dont want to for the most part.

Finishing Days Gone & still wanting to play more campaign in Days Gone is what convinced me to return & complete RDR2’s single player. (From your first arriving in Valentine, for those who are familiar…)

I still want more Days Gone story, and I’m bummed out at the news that Playstation management passed on Sony Bend’s pitch for a sequel :/

I wouldn’t rule it out as never happening, I’m sure part of the PC release is sounding out demand.

Bend has apparently already moved on to a new IP after requesting to quit working for Naughty Dog on some TLoU content. But hopefully, one day… Days Gone 2 Was Pitched With a Co-Op Mode and Shared Universe - IGN

These PS ports are one of the nice things that came out the blue, like DLSS and good deals on Gamepass subs.

That just means their next project isn’t Days Gone 2 not that the IP is dead.

The zombie stuff in Days Gone is really good. Like, really good. Sadly, the biker stuff is insufferable. Some of the most unlikeable “what the heck were they thinking?” characters you will ever meet in a videogame, and these are your heroes. So, it sort of balances out at zero.


$40 at GMG I think. Needs a coupon.

Rikki is bae.