Days Gone - Sony Bend's biker open world zombie game

Name them, maybe we can help you eliminate some ;)

Actually, I think there’s a thread for that…

Buying this because I buy everything.

Regret buying WWZ as I have not zombie killing friends but some open world zombie slaying seems like a good time.

I just played a little over three hours. I think it’s pretty, pretty good! The first hour was a bit choppy between all the load times and a couple framerate hitches from fast traversal, but once I was set loose in the open world everything smoothed out pretty well. The shooting, melee, stealth, crafting and driving all feel great. The environments are incredibly well detailed and look gorgeous. The enemies and wildlife feel nicely dynamic and interactive. I’m enjoying it

I don’t know lordkosc’s PS4 backlog, but here’s mine:

Ratchet & Clank (about 3/4 complete)
God of War 3 Remastered (about 1/4 complete?)
Bloodborne (main game 90% complete, DLC about 1/2 complete?)
Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete
The Last Guardian

And once I get through those, I’ll look to picking up Spider Man and God of War.

Glad to hear that things get better after the first hour. I finished the intro quest line and my impressions were a little mixed. I found the controls were a touch clunky and the bike a bit hard to control. But I generally suck with vehicles in game so I am not too worried about that. I am also playing with HDR on so I am not sure if that has anything do with my control response.

I like the initial story setup and the controls felt a bit better once I started getting used to things. I am looking forward to playing more of this tonight.


No need to eliminate any. I want to play them all.

I played 2 or so hours…and am really enjoying it so far. Just wandering around you are constantly nervous about attracting the undead…once they spot you they come after you for a good amount of time…so you can run and hide and watch them wander around looking or smelling for you and that makes any ventures outside a bit more unpredictable, makes you worry more just wandering around than games like Far Cry.

I’m sure things will change later on but right now, so far, so good.

That Eurogamer review was a great read. I enjoyed reading about the game, even though it’s not a positive recommendation. After reading that, I think I would like to try the game. Sure, it repeats the core loop a lot, but if I end up enjoying that core loop, I might not mind repeating it endlessly and far too many times.

I’ve been watching a couple of folks stream the game on Twitch today, looks pretty fun to me. I mean, I’d play it.

Tom is still streaming this game right now. I am not saying it is great but…

The control scheme seems a bit rough to me but the mechanics work fairly well. Ranged or stealth combat is the way to go here. Melee combat is pretty scary. Stealth killing is quick and deadly but only seems to work when your enemy’s back is turned. No whistling to draw your enemies in here. Stealth may be a bit unforgiving but you can run and hide fairly easily.

The game does a great job of sucking you in during the moment to moment gameplay. Sounds of foliage moving in wind, the rain dropping, and the grunts ands screeches of the zombies (or whatever they are) are atmospheric as hell. I was so tense during one cat and mouse event that I actually got a charlie horse in my leg.

I really saw some amazing environments. I would have to ask: Some of those trees looked very good.

It’s been bugging me, finally figured it out (I think) - they used the same actor from the Force Unleashed games right? Keep expecting him to bust out with some force lightning.

In most open world games, I usually tend to just walk everywhere. But I am starting to really warm up to the motorcycle. I’ve already upgrade it a bit and the controls feel more responsive.

So far this game is hitting all the right notes with me.

Yeah, it’s easily the best rendition of a Pacific Northwest forest ever in games. I know it was last gen, but I remember thinking Alan Wake was laughably sparse compared to what a real rain forest is like around here.

It is weirding me out in one way: the map is backwards. The real geography would put the wetter, forested area to the west and the high desert to the east. For some reason they’ve swapped that in the game.

Yes, Sam Witwer stars in both. He is also the current voice of Darth Maul.

Yep, the bike feels really good when you adjust to it. They key for me was not trying to go full throttle all the time. I feather the gas a lot now, and the drift brake is really fun.

That is a pretty weird thing for a studio based out of Bend to get wrong. Still, they nail one piece of authenticity: absolutely everyone is covered in tattoos.

Seems like most of the zombies were killed back in 2016. But they do show up eventually.

That’s fairly disappointing, but I get it. That nice Last of Us 2 gameplay trailer had great little moments that wouldn’t be practical in real gameplay too. The smoke and mirrors is still disappointing tho.

Seems your prediction was spot on!