DC area QT3ers . . . next weekend .. Renn Fest!

Well, the fall is here, it’s not oppressively hot outside, and we are in need of a gathering.

So who wants to go check out the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Saturday the 13th of October?

Come throw axes, dress up if you like (I’ve been told I have to- don’t worry, all I’m doing is maybe wearing a vest and a leather coin-purse plus my mug), drink mead, and watch the jousts. It’s a fun, friendly place where I’ve always had a ton of fun and felt right at home. In 4 years I haven’t missed it and have a great time every single time.

Special bonus, I’m bringing the twins! :)

I’ll edit this first post as we coordinate.

I could probably get down with that, Guapo. The fest is right down the road from me.

Erik J.

I’ll think about it, I have to see what’s up that weekend. I’m having my own QT3 gathering right now anyway, Anders is staying at my place tonight! :P

So, this coming weekend! Who is in for sure? Should we coordinate?

Renn fest? What about Stimpy?

We should definitely get together for something, but this weekend is out for me.


I too am all for a get together but busy this weekend.

Bummer. I could make it Saturday, but not Sunday.

Erik J.

Uhhh, it is Saturday.