DC Fontana, sci-fi/Star Trek writer, has died

Don’t really have any details, but -

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you likely already knew who she was. Roddenberry’s right hand for much of the original show’s run, she wrote and edited many scripts for the series, as well as many novels of her own too. She was a legend.

RIP. A legend.

RIP. Join us in the TOS thread for some good discussion about the series.


Ah fuck.

RIP :((

Sad news, RIP.

More info about Fontana. Mentions that she died following a brief illness, unspecified.

RIP. Hope she was rich.

I’d say she lived long and prospered.
RIP. :(((((((

80 is too young. RIP

Sort of unrelated, but I learned today that Isaac Asimov died of AIDS. Blew my mind.


Oops, necro.

As long as there’s an Asimov necro:

I learned that Asimov was an absolute cad around women (see https://www.publicbooks.org/asimovs-empire-asimovs-wall/)

On the other hand, when he learned he had AIDS, he kept it absolutely quiet. Not because of the 1980s stigma of the “gay plague”, but because he contracted it from a blood transfusion during a triple-bypass surgery. He made the moral and ethical calculation that the public good demanded a large, donor-based supply of available blood. If he spoke publicly about his disease, donors would stop donating and patients would refuse transfusions, if there was even blood available. And so he simply kept quiet about it for the betterment of society.

Plus, he was a masterful writer of fiction and non-fiction, in a stodgy, no-girls-allowed kind of way.

He was a villain and a hero.

I liked his books as a kid, and had a subscription to Asimov’s for a while. I couldn’t really get into a book of his last time I tried, not sure why. Am going to try again soon but am not hopeful.

That is true of most (if not all) of us, really.