DC - Titans - “F*** Batman!”


Robin, what have I done to you?

(Actual trailer, actually NSFW)

DC Universe - Warner and DC media streaming service

Just what the world needed - an angsty YA version of Robin.

It didn’t say but I’m assuming this will be the CW.

Fuck Batman? Fuck this.


Well that’s gonna be a shitshow.

Doing great work there DC.


No, it’s exclusive to DC’s new streaming service they’re launching in the fall. You can’t say fuck or watch Dove shred someone’s kneecaps on the CW!


What the fuck are they doing?


Geez, not any Teen Titans I recall.



Is there no one at DC that understands who their audience is? Is there no one at DC that understands that KIDS have been watching the Teen Titans for years now and identify that group with FUN?!


And WB/DC continues to fumble the ball…


Holy hell in a hand basket, this is terrible.

If they’re going with Dick Grayson as Robin, he’s the one closest to him and idolizes/respects him the most. F-Batman would be more appropriate for Jason Todd or Damien Wayne.

And gods did the rest of the Titans look bad, even in the shadows to cover for crappy costume and character design.


Well, how old now are the kids who started watching Teen Titans when it first started?

Probably old enough to be angsty teen/young college aged absorbers of shitty shows now.

(Not saying I’m liking this)

Edit: Wait wait wait wait wait. Is that supposed to be Raven??? Oh god damn that’s awful. It took me way too long to see that.



I haven’t kept up with comics in a long time, but that was Dove, right? Why is Dove slicing people up?


Same reason Robin is shooting people and stepping on faces, I would gather.


I was going to post this! You’re doing God’s work.


Sigh. I get why you might make something like this, not that I’d ever care about it, but presumably the same people who love horror movies would like to see it. But I have no idea why you’d do it under the Titans banner.


Robin seems cool. I don’t know any of the different Robins, so they’re all just Robin to me and I have no preference. I could do without the cursing, that was stupid. The worried emo chick needs to stop looking like she’s about to cut herself in every scene. No Blue Beetle = No sale.


Well, I’m actually happy he’s not in this. For me I’ll always associate him with his quippy comedy partner Booster Gold during the Justice League International (late 80s) era and him being in this show would kill all that goodwill I have towards him.


I only know him from the game Injustice 2. It’s my favorite hero in that game. I just want to see him stab people with his suit.


I don’t understand why DC keeps triple downing on grim dark?


At a guess, I would say this was pitched as “Superheroes meet Riverdale”.