DC - Titans - “F*** Batman!”


Again, the only response to this garbage is to post videos of the superior version of Teen Titans


I guess that orange woman was Starfire? That’s certainly…an interpretation of the character. I guess we should just be happy she isn’t literally a stripper.


Apparently Raven looks better once she gets her costume.





I just want to original Teen Titans back and I want to know if Jason Todd is Red X.


I know I’m in the minority, but I’m enjoyiung Titans! I like the guest stars, Doom Patrol, Jason Todd, I’m actually enjoying the mix between horror and superhero theme.


Me too. I thought this was going to suck but now 1 day later I’ve binged the whole series so far. Yes, it’s not anything like the tone of Teen Titans but as its own thing it’s really well done. They obviously put a lot of money into its production and the acting isn’t half bad. Thumbs up from me.


I’m liking the later episodes. They backed off the grimdark a bit.


I get the aversion to grimdark, but I also cant understand why people require these shows to be funny like the marvel series. The 70s version of batman cured me of ever wanting funny for DC, I like the marvel efforts, but I want DC to find their ‘own’ style, and I think this is a step in the right direction.


Where do I go to watch this?? Thanks.


The only place I know you can watch this is DC universe online. Its a separate pay subscription, BOO, but does have the boon of having DC shows, comics, and movie content that is hard to find elsewhere…and have several of the 2018 DC animated movies of free. Some decent DC issue runs. They are also coming out with new shows like Doom patrol, Swamp thing, and season 3 of young justice in a few months.

I’m also having fun watching Human Target again, it holds up well


I don’t need it to be funny, but the combination of pounding doom like music and Robin shoving garden sheers into crotches was into eye-rolling territory for me.


Has nothing to do with overall preferences to me, but rather the subject matter; Teen Titans, even pre-“Go,” had plenty of humor. And frankly, it’s understandable to me if the majority of fans are most familiar and comfortable with the more recent slapstick stuff.


To be clear to anyone who hasn’t tried the show, they have backed off the super edginess into nearly heartwarming territory. For example:


This has shot up to my favorite show currently airing (until Orville comes back). Every week there’s substantial plot development and they tend to end episodes on cliffhangers that make me anxious for the next episode. Anyone who has a passing interest owes it to themselves to sign up for DCU and give it a try.


Out of curiosity and because I’ve been a fan of the Doom Patrol since since forever and am curious about the upcoming tv show, I just watched the episode that introduces the Doom Patrol - they look bloody amazing, and the writing, acting and mise-en-scène are great!

Bodes well for the Doom Patrol’s own show. And now I’m interested in watching the rest of the Titans show itself, it seems well done too.


How have I never heard of this show? I saw it as highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes and took a look at the trailer and it seems like something I’d like.


It’s awesome. One of my favorite shows.


The first 11 episodes (season?) of this has just appeared on Netflix up here in Canada, I’m pleasantly surprised by that, I thought this would stay a DC streaming exclusive. My daughter has already asked if we are watching it together after we finish the current season of Flash.