DC Universe Online: the modern age (it is now Free to play)

So DC universe online has gone free to play, and after a very bad launch, they seem to be fixing things and while the servers are still randomly crashing it appears one can finally play a bit.

With the game being free to play (restrictions on number of character slots, currency, bank slots, mail system and some others, but other than that pretty much all the content of the main game) I figure it´s time to start a new, Modern Age thread for the game including names of heroes/villains (which I can update in the OP) and pictures of your characters (because dressing up dolls is half the fun).

PC downloader (linked by Jazar back when Jason Todd was stealing the tires of the Batmobile)

This is the golden age thread : bonus fun with all the “I love it” and “awesome” till page 39 and then “is there anyone still playing this” on page 40. Plus Donna Troy discussion!

This is the silver age Qt3 roster thread

Ftp can´t create a league, so here´s hoping some of the JSoQt3 old dudes can create or reactivate one, in the PVP side of things.

Some resources:
Online game guide (linked by Ben Sones on the golden age thread)
New player survival guide (by MSUSteve on the golden age thread)
Things you should know when starting the game (by Joefriendgood on that same thread)
DC Universe Online official forums (PC)
Official forums list of guides (pc)
Sorcery powers thread (linked by Squirrel way back then)
A guide to weapons/power sinergy (linked by Rob O´Boston back when Superman had rainbow powers)

NOTE that the servers are still wonky, I´ve decided to be patient, after all we get what we pay for :)
NOTE on ganking for those worried about it: I found very little of it in my first foray, fwiw. My lvl4 was surprised by a lvl7 hero and got her ass kicked, and all that means is I returned to my starting point.
NOTE on PVP and PVE: you can swap between them!
NOTE on crossplatform play: there is none. Buuuuu.

[CENTER]Modern Age Qt3 ROSTER:

Juan Rayo - Juan Rayo (hero) USPC pve
- Bamboozler (villain) USPC pvp (main)
- Focal Ratio (villain, speedster) USPC pvp

Jab2565 - LunarFist (villain) USPC pvp
- CurveShot (hero) USPC PvP
Mr. GRIM - Ingot (villain) USPC pvp

Djscman -Tipply Torch (Villain) USPS3 PVP

Avtar - Beth Bathory (villain) USPS3 pvp

gurugeorge - Absolutely Mental (hero) EU pc? PvP server

Skorin - Hazarri (hero) PC (pve/pvp)

Banzai - The Humidity (hero, nature/bow) PCpvp

stGabe - Fiona McCool (Hero mental controller) USPC-PVE

Barstein - Protozork, (hero? villain?) USPC pvp

Thongsy - Benki (hero) PS3pve

Arctangent - NotTheMommy (villain) USPC (pve? pvp?)

QT3 needs YOU to join!

Jab2565: Also a quick FYI, for those wondering what the various attributes do, you can view them by clicking on Stats in the inventory menu then clicking on the name to see what it affects. Turns out precision is important for doing basic attack damage.

I’ll be downloading this at some point - so consider me interested.

My main right now is LunarFist , on the PC PvP server as a villain.

Good luck logging in

So can I respec ingame, without a cash shop item/function?

I wanted to make a dual pistol/gadget villain using turrets/drone (among other things) but apparently those guides say turrets and pets in generally are completely horrible, so i don’t really want to chance it without the ability to respec…

I have tried to play every night since the ftp switch, and have been able to get to level 5. I’m down for a qt3 group.


In the distant future, when goldfish walk on Mars unaided and I can finally log in to the goddamn game, I may join you guys.

There should be a respec station in your side’s home base. For the villains it was in the pit section in the hall of doom if I remember right.

Downloaded this game 3 days ago - still yet to actually manage get in game, the nearest i got was position 2560 in the queue, i think i waited maybe 10 mins before i got bored and went back to play other games.

As far as i can tell they only have one Euro server, and its constantly fun. Fuck knows why they would go FTP with one server?

I’m pretty sure the queue is still as bugged as it was at release. If it puts you in a queue, try quitting the program and trying again a few times. It’ll sometimes just let you log in and jump the queue.

I’ve been playing this again a bit. My old SOE account is apparently locked and calling the phone number seemed like a daunting task last night, so I started a new account and rolled a Dual Pistols / Nature villain. I’m playing on the PVE server since I’m getting my MMO PVP fix right now from Rift. It feels like launch again, with a billion people running around ‘competing’ for spawns. Of course, anyone standing nearby gets credit, so it’s pretty funny to see people try to jump in and grab an objective while I’m fighting the guards. Yeah I don’t know, it’s still the same old decent action-MMO in an open world, with some slight UI upgrades since launch. The social and chatting functions are still terrible. My free account doesn’t seem limited in any significant way. I can’t remember what costs more than $1000 at level cap (costume parts?), but I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. Honestly I’ll probably buy the green lantern DLC pack, which’ll upgrade my account to premium and put me on a nearly even footing with VIPs. I’m almost positive $2500 is enough to buy anything of importance. Gosh this is a rambling post.

2500 dollars?!?! Or am I missing something here?

And yeah, I kinda like the game as well - one isn’t very limited actually, and thats pretty cool. I want to go premium as well, getting 6 character slots and more inventory slots.

The in-game currency is in dollars. Or at least it is on the US servers! There’s a cap of $1000 on free accounts and $2500 on premium.

I wish they would release the game in parts. Or release the Tutorial as a stand alone portion…

14Gb download for this , it would take me longer to download it, than the amount of time I will probably try it out.

My hand blaster/flying/sorceress

That is the guardian pet above her. It does indeed seem to not be very good. Half the time it sits there doing nothing, but at least it does tank somewhat when it decides to attack and in the tutorial level it seems pretty tough…

Tipply Torch (Villain) USPS3 PVP

Went from level 1-7 last night and boy are my arms tired. Thinking about making a Hero on the PS3 PVE server at some point.

Sorc pets are pretty useless once you hit level 30. My main is a sorc healer with 88 skill points, if you have questions just ask.

Is it possible to change your base appearance in game without restarting? I kind of made my dual pistols/gadgets villain a joke character but now i am thinking i might not want that…

You mean body type and stance? Not yet but they plan to sell tokens that let you chance about everything (apparently even your power set) on the marketplace.

Maybe im just unlucky then, been trying to login for an hour, and now i get “servers down for maintenance for 3 hours” at 6pm Saturday prime time… Great…

Anybody planning on playing on the PS3? Is there cross platform play?