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Meet The Tinker, Gadgets/Acrobatics/Powerglove/Batman!

Grumpy old Clockmaker turned Hero to “Get the damn Keeds of me Lawn!”. Meaning: To Thwart evil in all its forms (especially when it is on greenery!)

Not yet happy with him, he is fresh from the Spaceship. So alot of loot to find. I cannot wait to get more pieces to get him where I want him. He is not quiet there yet. Should end up with a bit of a classic Rocketeer/Steampunkish look.

Once it was his dream to become a policeman and to fight crime but they didn’t took him because he was to small. So he became jailer Arkham Asylum. Oh how he loathed the criminals there. They mocked him and escaped again and again and there was nothing he could do.

But then one day something strange from the sky bit him and now he’s CAPTAIN CRANKY and he’ll punish them!


I like the simple characters much better than the high end, pimped spike armour ones.
Nice variety of heroes so far, keep them comming!

Like I don’t have enough games to play right now…what server is everyone on? I may have to come visit, level like crazy for two weeks, then burn out. :D

Have Look here:

All right, there IS a jetpack option! It’s the Gadgeteer backpiece, looks just like a Rocketeer style jetpack. And sadly I can’t recall WHICH series of Briefs I got it from, but it’s in Metropolis and they’re reasonably easy to find.

I didn’t expect to use this guy for more than a few levels while I tried the game out and determined what I really wanted to play, but now I’m totally attached. His costume was originally more of a Pepto Bismol pink, but thanks to the costume editor I was able to give him a more macho appearance.

Behold Warfurnace, soldier of Luthor, hater of the hero who threw a car at him in Amusement Mile last night.

If anyone’s looking for a jetpack-type piece that animates, the Retro Tech back piece is like that. I’ve gotten them from the mobs on the Bane missions, I think. Or the HIVE mobs, one of the two.

EDIT – It was the HIVE mobs, since I have it on my Ice tank and he hasn’t gone to Gotham yet.


Captain Cranky is a flying gadgeteer and will be eternally grateful for this information.

That’s really neat. Reminds me of the old gadgeteer from Astro City, actually - or maybe Donnelly Ferguson, the jobs broker/ex-con from the Tarnished Man. More pics of him as he gears up, please!

Man, getting pieces is faster then I thought! LvL 13 now and looks like this:

There’s also a high-tech ninja style jetback. Miss Chick finally equipped one to explain all the rocketing around she does. You might check the vending machines in the Hall of Doom that sell costume bits. The cape machine might sell some of the different jetpacks.

Rucker, we have a DC Universe roster thread. Most of us are villains on the Cry for Blood server.


Dominae Tricks

The eye patch is a tad too much.

Here are my lowly villains. Thanks in advance for Wendeliusing the link:


Decoy is an in-character explanation for my complete lack of PvP skills. Of course he’s always the first to fall! It’s all part of a fiendish plan, see? (Also, “Glow Stick” was taken.)

And Bamboo is just your basic thug in a panda suit.

Never heard of Mr Ferguson but more pics are coming. I haven’t played much with him so far though.


“Thug in a panda suit” is the best concept yet.

Yay, my Lady got a sylish detective trenchcoat: