DC Universe: the Qt3 roster

Okay, I think there are enough of us playing DC Universe, and I suspect we’ll be playing long enough, that’s it’s worth finding each other in the game. This thread will be used to help everyone set up their friends lists and eventually, for setting up some sort of guild.

So post your platform of choice, your server name, and your character name and alignment on each server. The default Qt3 choice for servers is Brave New World for PvE and Cry for Blood for PvP.

As for adding friends, it’s not intuitive, so here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the social panel (hotkey “O” on PCs).
  2. Change the first dropdown box from “Nearby” to “Friends”
  3. Click the “+” symbol that appears to the right
  4. Type in your friend’s name

The name won’t appear in the list until you basically refresh it, so it might look like you didn’t successfully add your friend. Once you’ve got the list set up, you can click on a friend’s name to get more options for grouping, sending tells, and so forth. Once we get some folks friended to each other, we’ll set up a Qt3 league. Stay tuned for details on that.


P.S. To discuss the game and how totally cool it is, go to this thread.

The current leagues are:

  • A heroes’ league on Brave New World called QuarterToThree. Unfortunately, leagues can only contain one faction, so you villains are going to have to start your own dang club. Friend Superchick or Bold Eagle for an invite. More officers will be added as folks join. Watch this space.

  • A villains’ league on Cry for Blood called QuarterToDoom. Friend Miss Chick for an invite. More officers will be added as folks join. Watch this space.

Invites can only be sent out when you’re online, so look for the names listed here when you’re online for an invite.


On the PC:

Brave New World (PvE): Superchick (hero)

Cry for Blood (PvP): Miss Chick (villain)

PC Brave New World:Villain:Red Rat

Radioactive - Hero - PC - Zero Hour server (PvE)

Brave New World Hero: Houngan
New Frontier Villain: Viperella
Cry For Blood Villain: Houngan

Cry for Blood (PVP) - Villians

Primal Will (Nature/Bow)

Burning Desire (Fire/Dual Wield)

Brave New World:


Human Ton
Sapphire Scarab
Winged Victory
Commander Atom


Mister Mummy
Sergeant Slaughtered*

*a zombie mercenary, naturally.

I’m on Cry for Blood (for now)
“Disco Inferno”

Champagne Supernova, a staff-wielding mentalist who uses gymnastics and answers to the Batman on Brave New World. No idea if I’m going to like this build, but we’ll see.

Edit: Yeah, didn’t even get out of the tutorial area with that build. Same name, this time a female speedster wielding a 2-hander.

Brave New World:

Slice 9 (hero)

New Frontier:

The Decedent (hero)
Outrageous Fortune (villain)

Please tell me Outrageous Fortune uses slings and arrows.

Man, you guys come up with the best names . . .

Bow/Devices, of course! (The slings part is more of a stretch there, but close enough.)


World: Countdown (PvE)
Hexen (Hero)

World: Blood Will Run - PvP
PsiAGENT (Villain)

Just got in on BNW and made:

Bold Eagle
Phantom Ranger

PC Brave New World:Villain:Brisbane

Y’know, I get the on the nose name of “QuarterToThree”, but it… lacks punch for a superhero game.

I look forward to crushing those of you vile enough to roll villain with the power of the American Way! Beware the Bold Eagle’s cry!

Can this be the character pics thread too? If not, someone start one! I would but I don’t have a pic yet.

Here’s a shortcut on the PC: you should be able to type “/friend [name]” in the chat box, without the brackets. Put multi-word names in quotes.

/friend superchick
/friend “outrageous fortune”