DC Universe: the Qt3 roster


Server: Justice
Electric Blue (Hero)
Strange Aeon (Hero)
Seeker Skywarp (Villain)
Stormracer (Villain)


Brave New World
Spectro - Hero
Spectica - Villain

New Frontier
Dark Princess - Hero

Okay, hold on - what are Miss Chick’s powers? I can kind of get the nomenclature if you’re trying for a subtle play on words for “Mischief” - but is she just extra womanly or something?

“Green Lantern! Help me stop this chick!”
“That’s Miss Chick to you, do-gooder! HAHAHA!”

I think it’s a tacit admission that if Tom had been born a woman, he would have become evil.

Yes… he should have named it the “Clock Punchers”, or something. Come to think of it, that might not be a bad name for Qt3’s arch-nemesis villain league. :)

Server: Cry for Blood
Character Name: Lotus (hero)

Lurker powers, deactivate!

Server: Brave New World (PC)
Exaar - Hero - Tank (Ice/2H)
Benediction - Hero - Healer (Sorcery/Staff)

I’ll also probably end up making a villain on Cry For Blood at some point, partly to dip my toe into some PvP, partly to try out the incredibly nifty looking Hand Blasters weapon tree.


Server: Brave New World
Shockwave (gadgets, flight, brawler, 5th level now).


Cry for Blood: Grieves(Villain)
Cry for blood: Bloody Marie (Villain)
Cry for Blood: Hoarfrost (Villain)


Server: Cry for Blood

Aimbot (Villain)
Feegle (Hero)
The Yolker (Villain)

On PC. Villains on Cry for Blood.

Doctor Monocular

and several others that I don’t think I’ll be continuing to play.

Here’s a problem: I found a nice rifle, but I can’t equip it. I’m level 16, the requirement is 13, what else would prevent me from using it?


Does it have a role restriction? For example, your powerset’s role is Tank, and it’s a Healer rifle?

Brave New World server:

Hero - Kid Tesla

“Lotus does not exist” :)


Brave New World
Hero - RobotPants

And holy crap, how did they screw up the social stuff so terribly? It says Bold Eagle is online, but when I try to access the dropdown menu, it appears for a second then just goes away.

Cry for Blood


Wu Shu


PC- Cry for Blood


Blood Knight (Fire/Staff/Acrobatics)

PC -
Brave new world
A Hero named: Boa with the power of Nature itself!!! oh and a staff…

Also on the evil side of things:
Cry for Blood
Name: Soul Gouger
Power of gadget (but I might re-roll for sorcery) and weapon of ‘shooting crazy glowing blue shit from my hands!’.

This is my first MMO and I’m only couple hours into it but so far, so good.

heh…yeah, I deleted that one. The one I am actually using is Jotunheim, villain on Cry for Blood.