DC's Infinite Crisis

Well, if it stays only loosely related to continuity then there’s no reason to kill it since it’s hugely popular.

The 2nd paragraph of Funk’s simple re-cap of CoIE is the key. The last panel of IC #1 (I guess this is spoilers, but I think we all have been talking about it) is those 4 characters “breaking out”.

Which leads to some other questions:

  • Who exactly is 2nd Luthor from VU? If he was from the Crime Syndicate Earth, he was good (right?). He knew who Pariah was, but he was also pretty evil.

  • Did Alex Luthor lose the ability to traverse alternate earths (regardless of CoIE, there are still such, because the CSA occupies one in the “anti-verse” where Quard also is (I think). If so, how? Possibly the paradise he took them to became “isolated” after the last merger?

  • If the bust-out happens in the obvious timeline, then they can’t have blown up the watchtower. So there’s yet another Superman (or someone who can fool the Watchtower).

Batman’s jab at Superman was probably the best part of the whole book.

So the great “progress” of this storyline is to advance the DC universe to the state Miller described in the 1980s in TDKR?

  • Did Alex Luthor lose the ability to traverse alternate earths (regardless of CoIE, there are still such, because the CSA occupies one in the “anti-verse” where Quard also is (I think). If so, how? Possibly the paradise he took them to became “isolated” after the last merger?

At the end of COIE there were two universes left. The positive matter universe and the anti matter universe. In the anti-matter universe was the evil opposite of Oa, named Qward. At the end of COIE it looked like much of the anti-matter universe was destroyed in the explosion when the anti-monitor was killed. However, they decided to keep it, and so they tweaked it a bit. Since COIE, however, DC has fleshed out the anti-matter universe to contain an opposite version of every planet in the positive matter universe, and in doing so this allowed them to re-create the Crime Syndicate. Outside of these two there aren’t any official parallel universes, however there are dimensions - which aren’t parallel universes, because they’re tied to the universe, and do not contain copies of earth.



So, I suppose one more question: Is Donna Troy the only one that confused the multiverse so much that it couldn’t reconcile all her “alts”, or might there be other folk out there in the same situation.

The other anomaly is Power Girl. She was originally the Earth 2 cousin of Superman. They kept her around post crisis, but they rebooted her origin nearly as much as Donna Troy.


And, lest I forget, another is Hawkman. Also rebooted several times, but they’ve cleared much of that up in the JSA series.


Which makes sense, because there’s been all kinds of indications that Power Girl would have a non-trivial involvement with IC (including being on the cover for #2 or #3). The JSA Confidential arc links her powers going goofy to the arrival of the new Supergirl (another CoIE key character), and also features Psycho Pirate (who was also a player in CoIE, right?).

Spoiler if you haven’t seen the FULL cover of IC 2.

[color=white]At the end of IC 1, Alex Luthor whispers into Golden Age Superman’s ear “We can even save her.” The her in question is Power Girl[/color]


Edited to fix spoiler

Earth X was where the Freedom Fighters were, and I believe that was the Charlton earth as well.

Earth C was the anthropomorphic animal earth that Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew inhabited. Earth C- was where the Justa Lotta Animals lived.

Also, all these universes still existed post-Crisis, they existed, however, in a fat guy named Chunk who was a minor cast member of the Flash comic. So I guess all this new Crisis is coming out of his ass, which sounds about right.

Anyone else annoyed at this new wave of comic writers who suddenly are waxing nostalgic for the old days? Mark Waid and his ilk seem to be forgetting what an awful mess continuity was pre-crisis, and how much better the comics are now.

I’m really coming around to the idea that comics need a reboot of some kind about every 30 years or so to keep them relevant. The Ultimate line was a good idea, the Crisis was another. It just sounds like they’re taking a giant step backwards.

Reply/question to Funk:

I assumed that the they were talking about the Supergirl that died during CoIE. Power Girl hasn’t seemed in all that much danger, honestly, although maybe tossing her in the ship at the end of JSA Classified #3 and the “but you survived” bit make me wonder.

The cover for JSA Classified #4 doesn’t look like Power Girl is in need of saving, and the blurb for it describes it as a prelude to IC, so I don’t see how she could “need saving”.

Maybe he’s referring to “saving” the Supergirl that died in CoIE by “extracting” a “reflection” of Power Girl, kind of like how Donna Troy was reborn after Indigo killed her because she has so many “selves” merged into one as a result of CoIE.

I’m just posting to perpetuate the rumor that Wally West buys it in Infinite Crisis. No Crisis is complete without the Flash buying it. What does he buy, who knows?!?!

So does that mean that Bart Allen becomes the new Flash?

Actually that is the rumor being kicked around. One would really hope not, however…



[color=white]The saving is from the overall crisis, which the readers do not understand the nature of yet. Superman of Earth-2 has no relation to Supergirl, and so saving her would be nice but would have little personal impact. Powergirl, however, is his blood and a piece of his history.[/color]

Which brings me to my pet peeve. WTF is the crisis at hand? They haven’t given the reader enough to venture a guess as to what this universe endangering problem is, and who is orchestrating it. I was hoping that IC 1 would clue us in a bit more, but all it seems to be so far is the combination of five individual problems at once. There has to be something more or else it seems kind of weak.


Certainly doesn’t need a new thread, but is only related to IC because of the Superman/OMAC tie-in from this week:

When did Lois become the typical comic bimbo/skank? I read comics like a madman until about 9 years ago, and I don’t remember Lois being portrayed that way. When I picked it up again a year or two ago, I wasn’t reading Superman books, so I never noticed. In the recent books she’s wearing sweats with the top rolled down and the thong showing, or button-threatening, midriff baring “blouses” at work.

From an artistic/male standpoint, yay. I guess. I mean, hot comic chick with big boobs and whatever. It just seems horribly jarring when it’s done with Lois. Isn’t she supposed to be in her mid 30s?

Obviously part of is is that Ed Benes doesn’t have a ton of range in his female form. Maybe it’s only his Superbook that she’s like that (I’d have to go check the two other chapters of Sacrifice to see).

Am I crazy?

On an IC note: Funk mentioned that Power Girl is Kal-L’s relative/blood (I didn’t think that merited a spoiler since it’s pre-Crisis info, if true).

In JSA Classified #1, Dr. Mid-Nite, in going over test results with Power Girl pretty clearly states that she’s not of Kryptonian origin/genetics. Aside from the goofy power fluctuations in the arc, she also didn’t have many of Superman’s powers.

Is that retcon, or is there stuff I’m missing about Kal-L (or old Superman, if I’m getting the names botched) and his “Earth”/history?


Her being Kal-L’s cousin was pre-crisis canon. There were several stories with the antagonistic relationship she had with E-2 Superman. Post Crisis, they’ve rebooted her a number of times. With each reboot they’ve ignored each previous attempt to explain her existance. My guess is that she will be revealed to be a mistake/anomaly that shouldn’t have been after the universe was recreated.


Well, JSA Classified #4 dropped yesterday, and it advanced the theory that Power Girl

[color=white]remains the cousin of the Earth-2 Superman and she somehow doesn’t belong to the new universe. Somehow her being an anomaly is central to Lex-2’s plans - whatever they are.[/color]

But it still hasn’t advanced the plot enough for the readers to understand what the big crisis thing is yet, which is really starting to become annoying.


Alright, drop some more scientists on me.

At what point did the Lex seen at the start of the Superman/Batman comic recover from going batshit insane because of jucing on kryptonite laced venom (or whatever that stuff Bane used was)?

That part HAD to be continuity, because Luthor did in fact lose his job as President and Captain Atom reamained dead until popping up in the WS universe.

I only loosely follow Superman, and so I missed the whole crazy Luthor thing from the Superman/Batman comic. The kryptonite that was recovered from the asteroid, Supergirl, and the “death” of Captain Atom were all things that were introduced in the S/B comic and are in continuity. The whole time traveling lets reboot Superman and Batman several times issues, I’m not so sure about. I’m not sure how they’re making the determination of what’s in or out of continuity.


To respond to funkdrunk…

[color=white]I only read JSA Class #4, none of the ones before it, but are we sure that’s the impostor Lex on the television there? Psycho-Pirate says he’ll send some Society goons to capture Powergirl, but if it was the Lex currently in the Society he was talking to, couldn’t Lex do that himself? In VU #6, Lex said he wanted to play ‘billiards with the universe’… maybe he somehow has learned the truth about the multiverse?

This two Lex thing is confusing. I imagine it will be even more so when DU attempts to explain which Lex is which and who did what in the last two years or so.[/color]