DCs Injustice

Im a fan of the DC animation series, but i wasnt as interested in this one as the others, but still opted to buy it, thinking I own the rest, so why not.

Maybe having such low expectations coming in colored my perception, but this ended up being my fav DC justice league story and animated movie so far! I’m wondering if coming in having a low bar, made me extra wowed. Im really interested in hearing what others think!

It was edgy, emotional, and even funny, and great story beats. I didnt expect the ending, so was all smiles after watching it. Im really curious about other people impressions, and if Im having overly rose colored view of it, after having so low expectations on the outset. Also love how they gave plastic man a real presence here, I have a soft spot for him.

It seems this shares the basic plot with that of the game of the same name? Which was actually pretty good.

And the game was based on a “Elseworlds” comic series that might actually still be going on.

I read a few issues of the comic, never played the game, but it never grabbed me like this movie! Waaay better than the comic!

Oooh, I loved the comics, I had no idea they were doing a movie.

So I bought this and am loving it, very true to the comics, but, why does everyone have little black rectangles on their knuckles? Extremely weird choice.

Edit: Nevermind, they tried to jam five years of comics into an hour twenty, I guess it’s good for what it is but there was a hell of a lot more meat on that bone.

Now you are making me want to give the comic another try, it didn’t resonate with me the first time i read a few issues, maybe a didnt give it enough time…

A really big chunk of it was disrupting the DC norms, so if you have never been a DC reader it may not hit as hard.