DC's Legends of Tomorrow


No love?


Watching it now. I like it.


Yeah, I’ll check it out tomorrow on Hulu.


Hasn’t really gotten great reviews but I’ll be watching it eventually…

— Alan


DVR failed to find it for this week. I’ll wait until next week and find both parts of the pilot online someplace.


It didn’t really have anything happen. The team was formed and some bounty hunter came after them. And in between, lots of exposition about why Vandal Savage is really evil.


So everyone wasn’t really that into saving the human race… until they thought it could make them super famous.


I can’t recall ever seeing so much scenery chewing before, wowsers. That being said, I’m interested to see where it goes.


This is an awful start, but I can’t not watch for Routh, Lotz, and Miller.


I watched the pilot, and I thought it was uninteresting. The dialog varied between drama and comic-book-campy. None of the characters struck me as someone I want to know more about. Meh. Maybe it will be a late bloomer.


So is this the dud then? That’s a bit of a disappointment, I was really looking forward to it.


Eh, I dunno. I rather enjoyed it, myself (but then again, I’m a big nut for the Arrow/Flashverse properties already). I like a lot of the characters they’ve assembled here (Capt. Cold, Heat Wave, The Atom, and Firestorm-the-Elder in particular), and Rory–err–Rip–is just excellent back in this sort of role. The actual ep does have to do a lot of setting up for people who haven’t been too keyed into the other series, but I have to imagine 2 and onward will be a lot stronger.


It was decent. I dont know why people expect a new show to hit the ground running. Usually it takes a few episodes to set up the characters and the underlying mythos so early episodes are heavy on exposition and scenes that provide insight into our heroes. I try not to judge a new series too harshly until its got around 4 episodes under its belt. Ive found that it takes at least that long for most to find their footing. Now, Legends may end up being the CW’s first superhero mis-step but Ill give it time to find itself before I write it off as a dud.


It has Rory as a super-herofied Doctor Who. Since this is the only time-travelling British guy we’re getting this year outside of a xmas special, it better be good!


Yeah, mixed feelings. Apart from Rip, who’s a bit irritating, Kendra, who’s a bit wooden, and the historian guy, who was over-acting, the ensemble itself is great and I’m enjoying their interactions.

The script is oddly disjointed and has a stop-start feel to it, but that’s excusable considering it’s the first of the season and a setup. The reveal of Rip’s motivations to the team and the team’s subsequent reflections on their disappointment was a good bit.

Apart from White Canary’s kungfu though (the bar scene was great) the action was a bit naff - the Chronos sequence, which ought to have been at least a bit spectacular, considering it’s the action climax of the show, didn’t really [I]flow[/I] from one shot to another very well, it seemed kind of amateurish with people running around and explosions going off - the bit where they’re in cover behind that old rusty farm implement was like Dad’s Army or something. But again, presumably they’re keeping their big budget action stuff for later in the season.


Caity Lotz, far as I understand, does her own stunts and her stuff was always great in Arrow.

— Alan


Well done. A one armed Oliver to appear in an episode that takes place iin the future.

DC movies suck but their tv shows are a treat. So many little Easter eggs that make the dc universe come to life. Kord industry trucks. A camera passing by a flight jacket with name Jordan. Great show running to really make it feel like the DC universe is there.


I thought they had a really difficult task to wedge all of that into an hour and the result, under the circumstances, was decent. As Armando, some of these characters are great, especially Cold. The thing that concerns me the most is Vandal Savage not being particularly interesting as a villain at this point. Also, as far as I know, Savage has no ability to travel through time, so we need an explanation as to why they can’t simply go back to ancient Egypt and nuke him into the Stone Age. Actually, I think the show would be better off without the entire hawk/savage trio. All three need to be more interesting.


Yeah. It’s a lot of characters to fit into ensemble episodes. I hope they go a little more Firefly and stop trying to feature everyone in every entry.

Misguided, that was my thought, too—kill him all the way back in time.


Looks like that’s exactly what they’re going to [attempt to] do next episode. No doubt it’s more complicated than it seems. (And whatever you do, don’t nuke Savage back into the stone age! That’s just what he wants!)

Well, it’s about 11% easier now …


During the pilot he said something like “the further back you go, the worse it gets” when he was explaining the impact time travel has on you. I wonder if a 3000+ year journey would just destroy them physically and mentally. (I haven’t seen the 2nd episode yet, so I haven’t seen the next-time-on for episode 3)