DC's Legends of Tomorrow


This is one of those shows that is better to watch with people around you. Sadly, I must watch this one alone.


Is it just me or does Wentworth Miller over-deliver all of his lines? (with a hint of constipation?)


I assumed he’s intentionally hamming it up, and I enjoy it. I’ve never actually seen him in anything else to know if he does that all the time.


He’s my favorite on the show, I love the way he’s delivering his lines.


I’m enjoying the show for what it is, but they need to do more to make Vandal a credible threat. Last week they had a gun on Savage with Kendra in the room – what else do they need? Shoot him in the knees, have Kendra do her mumble jumbo and finish it.

With Flash I’m more willing to suspend disbelief and overlook illogical actions (because there’s really no way to deal with a speedster otherwise) but it didn’t have to be this way with Legends. It’s a good concept. They should have gone with the caveman origin, ditched the whole Egyptian thing (and the Hawks) and made him more of a shadowy force of nature instead of some lovestruck goof. They could have kept the team in the dark about how to actually beat him, instead of explaining the details early on and then never attempting it.


And also cast someone better.


He did it is Prison Break but it wasn’t so overt. Now he is doing it exponentially on steroids.

I expect the high pitched David Caruso YEAAHHHHH!!! screech to occur after some of Wentworth Miller’s lines.


Future-Star-City episode was decent, I thought. Making Conner the son of Diggle instead of Oliver was a nice touch, and use Grant Wilson as Deathstroke. Not as cool as having Slade, but you can’t have everything. I really liked Mick’s enthusiasm for the chaos, fits the character perfectly. Snart’s reasoning for bringing him back, not so much, seemed weak. The crush-on-Kendra subplot did nothing for me, but such things usually don’t. More good than bad overall, though, at least if you’re an Arrow-watcher and like seeing all the potential-future references.

Any guesses on how long before they run into something similar for the Flash?


I’ve run mostly warm on this show, not hot and not cool; it’s enjoyable and it’s fun but it’s not Arrow, Flash or SHIELD. But man, I LOVED last nights episode. Just incredible stuff.


That last episode was pretty good. If they can keep that up, it might turn into something.


Season one wrapped up last night. The show certainly improved as the first season went along, as seems to be the case with the vast majority of these comic-hero type shows. Maybe all shows, I dunno. My opinion is that there’s a good series in here, if they narrow the cast and do a better job making the villain feel powerful enough to be a real threat.
Minor end of season spoiler

The way the season finale ended gives me some hope on both fronts…smaller crew, and there’s a whole lot of JSA enemies that would beat the pants off Vandal Savage.


I think the least terrible episodes were all toward the end of the season, but I wouldn’t say it’s because the show was improving. Moving to a conclusion just forced them to stop dragging a few things out.

There were some good characters and good actors here, but there were also terrible characters (Hawk people, Rip, Savage, even Firestorm could be borderline) and terrible actors (Rip, Savage), and the writing was universally terrible. No performance could elevate the material they were given. There were a few cool moments when the action came together, but even then big fights were usually undercut by terrible writing. How many times did they have Savage on the ropes and then just give up and fail to give chase as he escaped with the rationale that they didn’t have the right Hawk-magic-doo-dad to kill him yet? Shoot him in the knees and drag him back to your ship! Cut his head off and keep it in a box until you can hit it with the special Hawk-mace!

This was an awful show that started out awful and ended up awful with almost nothing to recommend it beyond those wasted performances of the good half of the cast. I watched it dutifully because it was ever so slightly better than reading a wikipedia article to keep me up to speed on where these characters would stand in the DC/CW universe.

The good news is three of the four worst characters won’t be back (at least as regulars) for season two. The bad news is that with a four-show crossover already confirmed, I’m going to make myself watch it again…


Yeah, terrible writing and some terrible actors (Rip, Savage, but also, sadly, Kendra). I kept watching because I liked Palmer, the Fire and Ice crims (Snark’s always been an enjoyable ham) and the Firestorm pair. And of course some of the fight stuff was fun.

It doesn’t reflect well on the creators’ opinion of their audience if they thought people would be happy being fobbed off with a third-rate Doctor Who knock-off scenario, with a “Doctor Who” who’s got negative charisma.


Outside of the two Hawk people ( who were absolutely horrible ) Rip was probably the worst part of the series. He was a total dick 90% of the time and frankly if I were part of that crew I would have fostered a coup and stranded his ass about 2 episodes in. The series had no idea how to handle time travel and kept changing the rules to fit whatever circumstance they found themselves in. There was no consistency to the “science” of the show at all. I like the character of Ray Palmer but they tried to destroy Palmer by pairing him with Birdbrain. At least had the foresight to dump that thread and boot both of the Hawks off the show. Rory, Snart and Sara were the best parts of the show. I eventually realized that the only way to watch this was as if it were an old sci-fi “B” movie and decided that I had to accept it for what it was or drop it. It did get better later in the series but the lack of consistency was something I just had to ignore. Hopefully they learn from this seasons mistakes and season 2 is better. Of course considering that they jettisoned the Hawks, its almost guaranteed to be better!

Oh as far as how I would have dealt with Savage? I would have encased him in cement, taken him back in time to say 500 AD and dumped his ass into the middle of the Atlantic. Problem solved.


I agree with rshetts for the most part. I’m going to really miss Snart though - him and Rory were the best parts of the show (not the only good parts, just the best).


I hear that. Snart was a bit too hammy, but towards the end I really got into it.


New trailer for S2. It’s about 90% recycled footage, but it does spoil a returning villain in an unexpected venue, so, you know, warnings and all.

S1 was. . . uneven, at best, but when the show just sorta let itself ride out on the cheeseball time-wangery angle, it was actually pretty decent. I mean, High Literature, this is not. But it’s good fun, and a cast-shakeup will hopefully help smooth out some of the rougher parts.


No, season one was awful, don’t let time soften your memories.


Season one had some high points. Getting rid of the hawk people should really improve the show. I am ready to give it another chance.


Out with the birds, in with all the animals! The Facebook page says Vixen joins the team this fall. I dunno how it’ll work out in the show, but they did a great job with this promo image: