DC's Legends of Tomorrow


That was the best time travel gimmick they’ve done to date. And 60s Rip is great.


It was stupid, ridiculous, silly, and great fun. And perhaps the best part was the absolute lampooning they did of how bad season 1 was at times.


Amazing episode. The trash compactor alone!


I started cracking up the moment they fell in there.


So I just watched the latest episode, and it’s basically the George Lucas thing again, but with Tolkien this time. As a LOTR nerd I had a great time with it, though it didn’t have the laugh-out-loud moments of the Star Wars one. Much more serious, which makes sense considering that it happens mostly in the middle of a war. They got all kinds of references in, from the indestructible evil object to the council about what to do with it to eventual corruption and betrayal. It was almost enough to distract me from how the writing continually ignores time travel as a tool to avoid things like walking into an active war zone.


Finished Season Two on a binge watch over the holiday weekend. I feel like the writing in the second half of the second season got a lot stronger. Maybe it was just the thread of having the Spear of Destiny connect all the episodes, but I really enjoyed this second half a lot more. Mick got some excellent screen time and fantastic lines, Sarah and Rip had interesting character developments, and the stories and locations overall (George Lucas, Camelot, Tolkien and WWI, etc.) were entertaining. The season finale was kind of a hot mess, but that’s what happens when you try to wrap up a multi-episode plotline in 30 minutes. It will be interesting to see what they do next season, especially given what appears to be the departure of at least one major character.


Yeah, as much as I miss having Cold around, Mick is a MUCH more interesting character now.


So, new season started. I don’t know if it was the gap between last season or this, or if something deep within me has shifted, but I found the first episode intolerably stupid. I mean, Legends was always dumb, but it was tolerably dumb. Hope things improve.


I thought the first ep was ok, but not great. They had to squeeze in all the stuff with Rip and what the various characters were doing, which made it difficult to hit the right pacing.

But the show is at its best when it wholeheartedly embraces its dumbitude.


I got a lot of great laughs out of the episode, and thought it was charming and funny. My son hated the new department Rip started and thought it was dumb how shitty everyone was treating the Legends, which is a fair criticism (they maybe went a little too far, in some cases) but I think it was generally played for yucks.


This was more or less my reaction as well. Yes, much of it is dumb and cheesy. That’s why I come back! Especially the bits with Rory.


clinks mug


This is true. As much as I love Snart, they give Rory so much more to do without him.


Rip is awful and I hope they take him out of the picture again as quickly as possible. Otherwise, okay episode.


Yeah. I think this is my problem. Rip as stoner filmmaker was entertaining. Rip as Rip, not so much. And his supporting cast of bureau of wooden actors is also terrible.


Seemed intentionally terrible. Perhaps wishful thinking.


There was some discussion of the Crossover this week in the Supergirl thread, but since Legends is the only one of these shows I watch, and also since Legends was the Big Finish of the Crossover, I’ll put some thoughts in here:

Since I only watched Legends, I didn’t see the first 3 parts of the Crossover, and there were no “before on” scenes, but it opened in media res with such energy that I quickly got the gist. A good example of how sometimes you can throw the “bite sized episode” concept out the window and just go.

Legends is cheesy but I love the classic 4-color images in this finale: the line of superheroes marching to battle, and the multiple bit show-piece battles. The show also demonstrated that sometimes a brief shot of high-power heroes works as well as long drawn out movie-style fights. Flash and Reverse Flash having a proper super-fast fight, and Supergirl and Overgirl throwing down with quick but brutal punches was awesome.

Overall, a great IMO cheeseball 4-color style classic Crossover. Well done.

A couple more little things:

I noticed a couple of episodes back that Caity Lotz was looking pretty ripped. And I’ve always enjoyed the way they show her fighting, as a small but high impact ball of whirling beat-down. This episode featured either the best editing I’ve ever seen, or a for-real shot of Caity Lotz executing a pretty sweet spinning back kick to a Nazi’s jaw. I guess she’s been training hard.

Mick and X-Snart were fun, but my favorite exchange in the episode was this, from Mick and Sara:

Mick “You hit that?”

Sara “Shut up.”

Way to be classy Mick. Don’t ever change.


“Best wedding ever.”

Mick was hilarious.


Caity Lotz has been doing stunts forever; I assume no one literally does all their own stunt work, but I’m pretty sure she’s doing more of her own fights than most.

I really liked all four parts of the crossover. Part 3, technically the Flash episode, was where things dragged just a little, but overall I think it was pretty awesome from start to finish.

Have we seen Frost do that Iceman slide before? I’m trying to remember if the original totally evil Killer Frost did that, it seems like maybe she did, but if so it’s still been a while since they’ve done that. It was one of my favorite parts of the big battle.

The only other things I could take issue with are just personal preferences. I wish they’d included all the Legends from the start (Sarah, Mick, Jax, and Stein were the only legends crew in parts 1-3), I wish they’d found an excuse to bring in J’onn from Supergirl, and I know the cast was already huge but I’d still have loved even more cameos. They brought back one character from very early Arrow seasons for a couple brief scenes in part 2, and basically I’d have loved it if they squeezed in like a dozen more of those callbacks.

I wonder why the evil speedster was just our “regular” Reverse Flash and not an evil Barry. Is there a specific comics story this was trying to stay true to?


Why not? My son doesn’t watch Supergirl and my daughter only watches Supergirl and Flash, but we watched all 3 parts - it was like a 4 hour movie event? Why would you just skip the first 3/4th of it? Just curious, honestly.