DC's Legends of Tomorrow


And if the answer is “because my DVR didn’t record it”, I recommend using the CW app to watch it. Minor ads are annoying, but the quality is pretty good.


In Canada, Arrow, Flash, and Legends is on one network but Supergirl is on a cable only channel. I only watch The Flash and didn’t know this crossover read on until I started watching my recorded Flash episode and found it was the middle of a mini series. Thank goodness the others were available through on demand services from my provider.

It was a slam bang finish but I found the pacing too slow in parts throughout. Highlights for me was Mick. About the only thing I really miss by not watching Legends.


That’s true of every show he’s in.


I haven’t seen Prison Break, but the funny thing was…my wife and I both love Leonard Snart as a character, yet when he was there, they didn’t give Mick anything to do other than be grumpy. Mick as a character became way more fun after Snart left (because of the writing), despite the fact the actors clearly have great chemistry.


We only finished this up on Monday (but we did catch mid-season finale Flash) but I absolutely loved that it was Wells/Eobard Reverse Flash. He’s just the best kind of evil. That lighting fast fight among the rest of the fight was brilliant.

I really hope all the future crossovers follow a similar design where they make it one contiguous story. It was like a four issue miniseries that encompassed a lot of other books where you didn’t NEED to see it all, but if you did then you got a much bigger and more exciting story.


Oh yeah, I like Eobard/Wells too. If that was the reason they had him instead of an evil Barry, that’s good enough for me. I just wondered why they went that route, if any of this was based on comic precedent.


I’ve done some Googlesleuthing and while Earth-X and Earth 10 fit the Nazi war machine success as portrayed in the show (Superman known as “Overman” and his clone as “Overgirl”) there isn’t reference to the Reverse Flash playing. The Earth 10 entry notes that Flash was called “Blitzen” or “Lightning”. Also, English was a dead language on Earth 10. That would have been interesting for them to pull that off. :)

Anyway, the return of Eobard/Wells as Reverse Flash is an excellent twist. I’m also looking forward to finding out how The Ray ended up there from Earth One.


Speaking of excellent twists, I was very happy with the final couple of minutes of the mid-season finale. More trenchcoat!


I was kind of hoping they’d bring in the young Stein to be new other half of Firestorm since the actor playing the older Stein left the show. But alas, that was apparently just closure.

Hate to see Jackson leave the show. His character has always been a little iffy as portrayed (a high school football star who’s great in the machine shop can intuit how to be chief engineer on a time ship?), but I liked the actor and having a younger character. Hoping they’ll bring him back, though I know Legends has established a rotating core cast, which has worked pretty well. (As long as they never lose Mick, Sarah, or Ray.)


This week’s puppet episode was awesome. It now ranks #2 on my all time list of TV puppet episodes, behind the imeasuarably awesome Angel Season 5 puppet episode.


Think we my wife and I both said “he’s a wee little puppet man” at the exact same time.




I watched a bit more into the third season. What I enjoy about this show is that it does not take itself seriously at all.

Neal McDonough must be be as fun to work with as he is to watch, seeing as they keep bringing him back.


Have you seen the Beebo, God of War episode? B/C McDonough was making me laugh hard just walking onto the screen.


No, just up to where he returns. He is so fun.


I was so happy to see Beebo in Flash this week. Poor guy, though.



“Guest Starring John Noble” was a damned hilarious episode. Fantastic. The best thing about this show is that the entire thing is so ridiculous that they could pull a stunt like this and it works.


The benefit of not taking itself seriously at all.


Right. And when they tried that (first season) it was atrocious.

If anybody wanted to check out this show I’d tell them to skip the entire first season to start with.