DC's Stargirl (CW)

We have threads for the other CW superhero shows, so figure it’s time to make one for the newest member of the family. Just watched the pilot and enjoyed it, but I’ll admit that it would have needed to be complete and utter crap for me to feel otherwise. I’ve loved the Stargirl character since I first read the Stars and STRIPE comics 20+ years ago, plus they’re using the JSA as backstory which is a sure way to a DC fanboy’s heart. Having said all that, even after I try to correct for my predisposition, I think this could be a good teenager-deals-with-superpowers show along the lines of young X-Men or Spiderman stories.

Just watched the fourth episode tonight. Been pretty good so far in my opinion. If you don’t like teen superhero drama then this won’t change your mind, but if you’re OK with the genre then I think it’s fairly well done. The whole “new generation of Justice Society heroes” approach to bringing in characters has promise, and I think Luke Wilson is doing a bang-up job as Pat.

Its actually better than I expected although I went in with very low expectations.
There is really a lot going on here. This article on Syfy takes a deep dive in the heroes and villains of Star Girl and their comic book origins.

Watched the first episode of this - I really liked it! More than I was expecting even. Seems to be a high budget production as well. Need to catch up now.

Just watched the penultimate episode. The finale is next week. I’m enjoying this a lot more than I expected. Although it has a bit of CW style pretty people teen angst, it’s mostly old school 4 color style comic fun in all its cheesy glory. I mean the cape and hood costume of a certain character are so old school I want to laugh every time that character comes on screen in full regalia, and yet I also want to cheer too.

The show started out as apparently a teen-with-powers kind of thing and then became much more of an old school superhero team-up thing. It’s cheesy but I have to say I’m loving it.

Yep, no question. I expected this to be much more “Courtney figures out this whole hero thing” in the first season, with other characters coming along later, but they kinda fast-forwarded the whole thing. For those of us who read a bunch of comics with all these characters back in the day, it’s pretty great to see them all cropping up. I just hope they finally get around to finally using a Green Lantern one of these days.

Really, really enjoyed the first season of this. Finale was very satisfying, and had some great teases for season 2. (Which apparently will be CW-only, not DCU and CW like Season 1. I have a feeling DCU is going to get phased out over the next year or so in favor of HBO Max and another digital comics outlet.)

Guessing those of you who watch it on CW won’t see it until Tuesday (?), so I’ll use spoiler tags…

I knew that most of the Injustice Society was going to have to die, and was curious to see how they’d handle that with our teen heroes. I was pleasantly surprised by Hourman, didn’t expect Cindy/Shiv to do what she did (not how it went in the comics, where she tries to avenge her dad’s death), and I would have done what Yolanda did in the same situation.

I really loved the Deus Ex Mike moment, but why do I have a feeling that we’re going to get a lot of “are you okay, after having killed a guy?” stuff with Wildcat next season, but we’ll never hear mention again about what Mike did.

Anyway, really fun season, they kept up a good pace, and I seriously adore Anjelika Washington’s Dr. Midnight character. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Season 2 is going to bring, if new TV ever happens again someday.

Agreed. There’s parts I’d have done differently, of course, always are. But on the whole, I’m happy with the way the first season went and will definitely be up for watching more if they manage it. Especially Shade - he runs the gamut from pure evil to completely amoral to repentant good guy in the comics, so they could do literally anything with him. And Eclipso is a fun villain…as soon as Cindy pulled out that diamond I said “oh shit, that’s not good” even before she said his name.

One thing I did find a little strange through this whole season is that there were some odd production choices. Some bits where music didn’t fit right, commercial breaks seemed in odd places, scenes going on a bit longer than I’d expect…little stuff like that. I wonder if maybe the pandemic lockdown impacted their ability to polish things up to the point that we’re used to.

If you were watching on the CW, that would explain the odd breaks, as the show was originally planned for DC Universe, and they decided to show it on WB after the fact. The first two or three episodes are about 10-13 minutes longer on the DCU versions.

That is something I noticed the entire series. Commercial breaks often felt like they were shoehorned in. They had the tendency to break in the middle of screens disrupting the show’s flow. Not a deal breaker but it was a bit off-putting.

Shouldn’t happen in Season 2, since it’s being aired on CW only.

Needed some background entertainment from HBO Max so I picked this back up, it’s actually decent for a CW show. The effects are relatively top notch and there are plenty of them, and the good characters are well acted and engaging. The bad guys are cackling scene chewers, but you can’t have everything. It’s also got a nicely balanced mix of adult relationships vs. teen, again relative to other CW shows.

I discovered when I picked up (HBO) Max again in my streaming service merry-go-round that all three seasons of Stargirl are available there. I liked season 1 back when I watched it on the CW, so I went ahead and watched the other two. It’s still a CW show, with an awful lot of melodrama and slow-rolling of very obvious plot points, but the writing and casting and character development are good enough to overcome that for me. It helps too that I was a big JSA fan in my comic-reading days so seeing some of those characters on screen - or even their “heirs” - is a lot of fun. It’s too bad this one didn’t get another season or two to bring in a few more of the JSA characters, but the three season it did have are good fun.

Is this still in active production?

I’m pretty sure they’ve run everything they’re going to.

I wasn’t on here much while I was watching this, but I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected by the end, as well!