DD-WRT mayday!

I am posting this from my Blackberry as my router has stopped allowing me Internet access after I upgraded from v23 to v24-sp2 of dd-wrt. The upgrade seemed to go fine - I can log into the router and everything looks good. It even displays the right WAN IP. But nothing that connects is getting through to the net. Any thoughts? I’ve already tried going back to factory settings and power cycling the router and cable modem. My router is a Linksys WRT54-GL.

Crap, sorry about the double post. Blame the Blackberry.

Check to see that the cable modem Internet on/off toggle didn’t get jogged when you were messing with it earlier.

Roll back to an older version?

I like this thread where the story hasn’t yet come to its conclusion.

I like this thread where TomChick solves the tech problem. ;)

But we don’t know yet! The DavidKaye in this universe may not have toggled the on/off switch.

You bought the whole seat, but you only need the edge!

I’m worried that if I do, I will initiate some kind of quantum paradox and end up like the bad guy from Timecop.