Ddr pads must go

Guys, I’m selling two new ddr metal pads. They are brand
They are designed for ps 1 and ps2 but will work on all systems if you have the right adapter (ie xbox or pc).

I’m asking 100 dollars a piece for the pads or best reasonable offer. I will drop them off for free if you live in los angeles, or I will ship them ups insured (buyer pays for shipping)

They’re is nothing wrong with them and Tom chick knows where I live so he can kick my ass if you have any problems

If posting here is against forum rules, I apologize.

I dunno. Sounds like pimping. Belongs in the game forum then. :wink:

Wow. The SS around here has everyone gunshy and walking on egg shells.

I think wumpus was collecting dancepads. Too bad he was gassed.