DDR Universe

c’mon now, someone else is buying this right?

I’m not going to be the only one…am I?

I’m still working on DDR Extreme 2. Got through courses A and B with the beginner songs. Even the easiest Light songs on course C pwn me. I’ve got a LOOOOOOOONG way to go before I buy another DDR.

I want it, but I also want to hear what Red Octane is going to be doing WRT dance pads. I ponied up the cash for an Ignition pad that works with the Xbox and PS2 last year, and I’d rather not have to buy another one so soon.

What is a WRT dance pad?
Like Ben Sones, I don’t want to replace the two Red Octane pads I bought years ago, so I won’t be getting this anytime soon

“with regard to”

Oh good, I’m brain-damaged today. I was wondering about that

Fixed. It’s important to save time!

The bundled pad is wired, isn’t it? I really wish Microsoft would let third parties use its wireless protocol.

Yeah, I’m torn between the desire to own this on the 360 (achievements! DLC!) and the fact that I own approximately 100 versions of DDR already and I’d need to buy a new dance pad.

The bundled pad is wired, but does that really make a big difference when it has to sit on the floor in front of the TV anyway?

Once you buy a metal pad you never need to buy another one…
Same can be said for using StepMania as well.

Andrew, why is that? Wouldn’t I need a custom 360 adapter?

Not a huge difference, no, but my 360 is behind a closed glass cabinet door in its ordinary state of affairs (which is part of why I’m never bothered by its noisiness). Though if the cord’s long enough, I can run it in the back of the cabinet and maintain that. That’s the hopeful plan with Guitar Hero, at least.

The Ignition 3.0 pads have a USB connector (it interchanges with the XBox connector). If you can use it with a 360 via USB, you don’t need a new pad.

There’s a USB input that comes with the Afterburner. I can’t guarantee it’ll work, but they’d be fools to not support it.

Can anyone recommend a dance pad (XBox 1 compatible) that has some kind of dampening setup or shocks or something so that I can use it on my second floor apartment and not raise hellfire and damnation from my lower neighbors?