DDR Xbox 360 dance pads?

So… I’ve been enjoying DDR Universe on the 360 but the little floppy dance pad just isn’t cutting it for any song above Basic. The thing winds up getting turned clockwise 45 degrees and shoved back a foot by the end of a song, adding to the challenge factor in a not-good way.

I used the “Ignition” pads from Red Octane for previous iterations of DDR but they do not seem to be updating that line for the Xbox 360 (just judging by what’s listed on their website, which is absolutely nothing).

Any recommendations out there on how to either better secure my dance pad (it is on carpeting) or where I can buy something like Ignition or a hard pad that will work with the 360?

Duct taping the soft pads to a piece of wood that is the same size or slightly bigger works pretty well. All of the 360 specific dance pads I’ve seen are soft ones. There are some fancier dance pads that have USB adapters for PCs and thus may possibly work on the 360 but I’ve seen no confirmation that they do. Hopefully the 360 dance pad situation will improve now that a DDR game is out.

The Ignition 3.0 pad has USB (with a USB-XBox 1 adapter attached out of the box), but I don’t own a 360 so I dunno if it works with the 360 or not. It’s a great pad otherwise though (esp. for a house with an XBox and a PS2, so I don’t have to worry about what DDR game someone might buy for my daughter).