DDR3 Channel Question

I’ve been wondering:

2x8GB DIMMs in a single channel
4x4GB DIMMs in dual channels

End result is 16GB of RAM in either scenario, but is one better than the other?

Wrong forum. Just saying. But filling all channels is always best for throughput.

Yes. Dual channel (there’s also triple and quad) doubles bandwidth between the memory and the memory controller. Which of course, doesn’t mean that your computer will be twice as fast, but theoretically should result in less CPU downtime and slightly increased performance.

There’s a hardware forum, you know. I came to this thread expecting a discussion on East German tv channels. Although to be fair, I suppose that would have gone in the books, comics, tv, music forum…

I usually just change channels…

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I’m. Um. I feel like since no one else has said this yet, that maybe the certainty that I felt when I read the first post isn’t warranted. . . but. . . well:

If you’re doing 2x8GB sticks, that’s already two channels. The two jacks/sockets/whatever side-by-side are each a channel–nevermind that there are two more slightly apart from them. There’s four channels total, but most mobos in this day and age utilize dual-channel memory best, so, fill two sockets at a time. Thus, whether it’s two groups of two or one group of two, all memory in all sockets used will be utilized to the maximum extent. If anything, I’d go the route of 2x8GB just so that you can have room to expand down the line if you go crazy or win a contest.