Dead Age: FTL like zombie apocalypse

This came out of Early Access the other day on Steam and the Steam reviews are most positive (for whatever that’s worth). Has anyone tried it out? The UI has a Rebuild “notebook” aesthetic which was also used in State of Decay. What’s the deal with notebook UIs in zombie games?

Played it just a little bit. The story decisions seem interesting. The fighting’s a bit repetitive so far. Wait for a 75% discount.

Yeah, I gave up on the JRPG style combat against various flavors of zombies after about the tenth battle in a row. If it’s going to be that heavy on the repetitive combat, which strikes me as pretty tedious as is, I’m out.


I didn’t even get that far. I couldn’t get out of the tutorial mission fast enough to quit and uninstall.

This game only made me want to check out Dead State again which I did and apparently it’s had a rather massive overhaul (Dead State: Reanimated). I only played DS during alpha and it was a little rough but promising. ANybody have any experience with the new update?

Played it (Dead State reanimated) quite a lot after it was in that Humble Bundle. It’s my kind of game, RPG with turn based combat. They’ve cleaned up a lot of the bugs although the engine still breaks down in large combats which become grueling to finish. Fortunately there are a limited amount of those. If you like that sort of game, go for it.