Dead Alive

OMG, I just watched this on a cable channel, and this was the biggest splatterfest I’ve ever seen… Anyone seen this? I can’t believe that this is a Peter Jackson movie, it’s such a contrast to LOTR… The little zombie baby was funny… hehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehheh! This one is definately not for the faint of heart. :shock:

What, haven’t seen Bad Taste? Or Meet The Feebles?
I mean four of his seven at least halfway famous movies are schlocky horror/comedy/splatter.
See Bad Taste, the best in brain-eating/lobotomy/gruel-vomiting goodness!

oh man I guess I’ve been missing out on the gore-scene… my wife was freaking out, but she wasn’t inconsolable as she likes stuff like hellraiser, etc… on reflection, there were quite a few hilarious parts… I was surprised they were showing this unedited, it was just some random cable channel (not ppv) :o

My wife loved Dead Alive, and she’s not one for gore flicks. The violence is so over the top that it becomes comedic (which is the whole point).

I think ‘Dead Alive’ is the same movie as ‘Brain Dead’ - if they both have a lawnmower, then they are. The true gold nugget in low budget splatter is ‘Bad Taste’ - made over five years of Sundays for something like $30k, it still manages to be a really fun movie, not to mention starring PJ himself…

Dead Alive is indeed the same movie. The kung-fu priest has to be one of the best scenes in cinema history ever!!

I think that Brain Dead has a few more minutes of footage than the Dead Alive version. I know that a deluxe DVD version is in the works, so we can hope that it contains the extra footage.