Dead bodies are rising from their graves

Montana overrun , end of days is here.

Emergency Alert System and announced on KRTV and the CW that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in several Montana counties.

It just says “bogus” announcement now. Obviously Jeff Spicoli was involved.

It’ll be pretty funny when some Montana peckerwood kills his whole family to escape the OMG Apocalypse!

Montana would not be a good place for a zombie. It’s a big state, and not a lot of people.

Which makes it the perfect place for a ‘contained’ experiment.

When they freeze chop their heads off. This has been a Zombie News Update.


man i was half hoping this was real

does that make me evil

i hope not

i just wanna kill zombies a little

Man, preppers everywhere must have gotten a major woody over that news.

Hmph. Figured this would be about New Orleans.

I just heard that my local talk radio station (KMJ580 Am) re-broadcast the “zombie alert” on one of their talk shows. It seems that because they are a hub for the EBS the re-broadcasting showed up as an emergency alert to stations all along the west coast. The talk show host is really embarrassed by what has happened.

This is how it’s going to go down people. No one will take the warnings seriously, just like today, then we have hoards roaming the earth. Damn you Obama!

Ha, all it takes there is a good downpour for the dead to start rising from their graves. Well, coffins rising from their graves anyway.

Maybe someone heard more about how the “hackers” got into the EAS system but this article[1] makes me strongly guess it was a factory default password issue.

The FCC said all EAS participants need to change passwords from their default settings.