Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access


Switch, yeah.


Then I’m sorry to say, but you shouldn’t be that proud :P. Or at least, there is a logical explanation of why just now you were able to beat the game, not in the previous 40 hours, the difficulty in the new update released a few days ago has been lowered dramatically in normal mode.
I was in the same situation, I couldn’t beat the final boss in 1.0 (although I was close in three occasions). If you want to play with the same difficulty as before, just play in 1-cell mode, in that mode the game is as hard as before, they only nerfed the difficulty in the starting mode.


Oh I know–I’d deliberately set the game aside once the big update was announced. Still, I’d put about six hours into the game with the new version and hadn’t gotten anywhere close to the end until that run. And, to be honest, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have just set aside the game entirely without finishing, had it remained at the original difficulty.


I reached the Throne Room for the first time today.

I really like that final boss. He’s fun to fight, even though he kicked my ass today.

I’m looking forward to getting back there now that I have some idea of his moves. Hopefully it won’t be too many months before the next try.


There is more truth in your words than you can imagine. Now it’s easier to reach to him, but before you could only ‘train’ in fights against him from time to time, to learn his moveset, as the difficulty was higher, that increased his difficulty even more.


And all the levels were uphill! In the snow!

Yeah, HOTK is a bastard but it’s a well-designed fight. Turrets are excellent against him as against pretty much everything.

Not as good as Ice Shard, but pretty good ;)


I entered randomly in /r/deadcells, no particular reason, and I found just TODAY they launched the alpha for 1.2, that includes new content!

You’ll now get access to the Cavern level after you beat the game for the first time. Look for this place inside the Graveyard… This whole new level is filled with nasty traps, perilous lava pools and violent new enemies. New ways to die!

A new shiny Skinning system was added to the game, giving you access to more than 50 new character outfits .

  • 10 new enemies types were added to the world! Some will wait for you in the Cavern or the hidden level, but many were also added to Hard / Very hard / Expert / Nightmare modes , for your sadistic pleasure. They will gladly bury your face into the ground, burn you to death and slice all your useful organs.
  • 3 new skills , including a flying pet and a single-use scroll that will reveal the current level map.
  • 10 new weapons , including the Giant Killer, the Boï Axe or the Thunder shield, for your violent needs.
  • A new Specialist shop replaces the old Hunter Grenade door in Prisoners’ Quarters. It’s still unlocked the classic way through the Collector shop. You can buy a Hunter Grenade, a Map or a nice shinny skin there.
  • A new complete hidden level was added for very advanced and skilled players to explore (did someone say Boss-Cells 5?). Unveil a whole new ending to your story by beating the crap out of the mysterious big bad guy that awaits for you there… Yes. There is an hidden boss fight too.
  • A new cursed gem might now drop from enemies that will grant tons of gold, but also curse you.

I expected 3-4 new enemies, 10 is /chef kiss


One of the main problems I’m encountering nowadays is that I’m so focused on trying to build a character that can beat a boss, when I come across Elite characters, I usually get killed.

This problem also presents itself when I try to use that hunter’s grenade. First I have to start the first level with lots of money. Then I buy the Hunter’s Grenade there. Then in the next level, I use it to create an elite character, and then I have to use an extractor that drops from that character, and usually in that process I die. And then I start over, but this time I don’t have enough money to buy a Hunter’s Grenade for a couple of runs, so the hunting gets put off for another day sometime, when the whole cycle repeats.

Has anyone successfully used a Hunter’s Grenade to successfully get an item? I’ve been trying now for about 3 weeks with no luck.


Can I get a buy/skip recommendation for this? Specifically, I

  1. Hate Dark Souls
  2. Hate Games that people just have to use to measure their e-peen
  3. Loved the crap out of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (still play it sometimes for a bit)
  4. Didn’t care a whole lot for Rogue Legacy (it was… fine)

Thinking about grabbing it anyways on my PS4, thoughts?

Edit: I need this because I’ve been following this thread and everytime I catch up on it I want to buy the game again, so I need to make the decision to pick it up or drop this thread already. :D





I also didn’t like Dark Souls but loved this. For me it’s notably easier than DS and it has mods to tune the difficult, and a complete game is 60-70 minutes.


Uh… several times??
Some enemies are pretty hard, because of how they work, this one in particular

If you have all the money upgrades it’s easy to start with enough money to buy it, unless you died very early.


Buy. It’s difficult but it’s not “fuck you” difficult just for difficulty’s sake (well, not until the later modes anyway, which I have no intention of exploring).

It’s also almost entirely fair, where death is only rarely because of some cheese. Skill is rewarded.

Dead Cells is a much better game that Rogue Legacy, which I also kinda bounced off of. The mechanics are just much, much tighter.


Two things:

  1. If elites are that much trouble, you need more damage! You’re focusing on one color of scroll, right? Turrets and grenades are the jam for elites as well, but often by the time I get to tier 3-4 zones I just blitz them to death with my normal attacks if they’re not a tanky base type.

  2. Don’t fuck around with the Hunter’s Grenade until you’re reliably beating the game on BC0. It’s expensive, especially if you don’t have at least Gold IV, and will just fuck up your runs. You’ll get plenty of blueprints through normal play; the Hunter’s Grenade is really only worth it if you’re trying for something specific IMO.


Of everything you describe, it has the least in common with SotN. Rogue Legacy is probably the closest, but the moment to moment gameplay here is much better. At least when I played it, the base difficulty was tuned a bit too high unless you’re particularly good at this kind of game. (As someone who LOVED Darkest Dungeon to death partly because it was tuned perfectly for my skill level at that kind of game, I also get how awesome that can be if it’s the right difficulty for you.)

It’s probably close enough that I’d say it depends on whether you have a hankering for this kind of game and a dozen or three hours to kill. Doesn’t sound like it’s a must-play for you, but it’s good enough to find out if you like it, if that makes sense.


A reminded I did a mod to lower the difficulty of BC1-4, because it seems some new enemies will only appear on them.


Yeah, I’m going to check that out. BC1 is a massive difficulty bump.


BC1 modded is almost the same in raw difficulty (damage numbers, etc) except for the last three levels that had a very small nerf, the main difference is that you will have all the fountain flasks usable, instead of some of them broken.
Of course that change potentially helps a ton.


I appreciate all the feedback, ya’ll!

Begin Dark Souls rant

Dark Souls taught me that I wouldn’t like the game in the first moments, when you look up a stairway and a boulder rolls down on you. When I complained about this (because seriously, I was supposed to expect a boulder rolling down a stairway, why?) the common response has been “you need to take it really slowly because there are a lot of traps and things, but it’s fair” and I realized walking around a game in sneak mode for hours and hours expecting every last thing, including the environment, to want to kill me didn’t sound like fun at all. I like my action to be action-y, not crouch-movey with a side of fuck you. The second most common response is “hahahaha git gud, loser”.

End Dark Souls rant

Sorry. Anyways, I like the look of the combat from the trailers… does that hold up what it’s like in game? Lots of fast paced, exciting combat? Sounds like a tentative buy so far.


Dead Cells is a good action game, but it’s not good as a MetroidVania. In other words, if you are looking for a game that emphasizes exploration then there are better options.

Dead Cells is more about forming a strategy based on the weapons you find. It has more in common with Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon, though I think the combat is more fluid and exciting in Dead Cells than in those two games.