Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access

I can’t make much progress in the game anymore. The game is a lot tougher on Normal than when I last played it, that’s for sure. But the difficulty in this game has always been changing constantly. I just got lucky that I played it in a window of time when I could finish the game and be happy with myself.

You can use the custom mode. For example you can make it easier by allowing 5 mutations max and decreasing the number of kills required for cursed chests.

I’m not a fan of making my own difficulty. Everything seems to arbitrary then. Getting through the end of the game and finishing it was really satisfying originally. It would have been much less so if I’d been picking and choosing stuff in custom mode to make it easier for myself. What is the sense of satisfaction then? Yay, I was able to beat this particular custom mode that I created myself. Hurray for me?

The point would be that you get to see the ‘full’ game then. Beating normal only gives you so much. There’s a selection of enemies you won’t ever see, not to mention the final area and ‘real’ boss/ending is only available at BC5. In my opinion, Dead Cells gives up any remaining pretence of being a fair game around BC3. I can’t blame people for wanting to see everything they put down money for, at least the custom mode gives them the choice.

YMMV, but the ‘sense of satisfaction’ depends more on how challenging was the experience than who designed it.

Well I got the spider rune, finally, so there’s that chore done. God damn those golems, man.

High Peak Castle is such a huge difficulty spike. Every previous level I end up killing every enemy I run across. In HPC I just run past as many as possible, they’re all pretty bullshit. Speaking of bullshit, I found an amulet that turns you invisible if you don’t attack. Perfect! Just ran around HPC without worrying about anything, just want to get to the door and bank my cells, I’m quitting after that. Got the last key, hit RB by a teleporter to check where I was, but I didn’t actually teleport. Guess that turns off your invisibility, because the instant I exited the teleport screen I was stabbed to death by a spearman. Total. Bullshit.

FWIW nowadays there’s an alternate path (the Distillery) - it has one extremely BS enemy but otherwise I found it to be easier than High Peak Castle.

I’m flying without a map for now, except the one I have on my head from past runs.

The entrance is in between levels, it’s hard not to see it. HPC is still the better level, but the extra variety is welcomed.

Oh yes, I did notice that the door said “HPC and Distillery,” but hard as it may be to not see it I still somehow managed.

What, did you think Dead Cells was finally a complete game? Think again!

New mutations

Execution ( colourless ) - Instantly kill enemies with under 5% health (scales up to 15%) when you hit them with a weapon. Applies to bosses, for now

Barbed Tips ( Tactics ) - Inflict X damage per second to enemies, per arrows stuck in them.

Point Blank ( Tactics ) - Close range attacks inflict X% bonus damage.

Those giant weapons look great. I like that first gif of hitting that guy from behind, thereby taking a lot of damage. As much as I try to avoid it, a lot of my deaths are as a result of repeatedly killing those guys from behind.

You know, eventually they’re going to stop working on this game. And whenever that day comes, I hope the game they leave behind for future generations is well balanced.

Nice, I love big weapons.

and I cannot lie

I’m really having trouble beating the game with one boss cell active. Zero is simple. One is such a pain for me.

This most recent run I had an amazing ice crossbow and maxed out my top weapon stat at level 22. Just disintegrated everything in my path. But I decided to do the Distillery instead of High Peak Castle and it just kicked my butt so I only had one health potion for the hand of the king. Ugh.

Any tips?

Here’s what I do: I deactivate the one boss cell and then let my skills atrophy over time, that way I start having trouble with zero boss cells again.

It’s hard to give any useful advice. Saying ‘try to be hit less’ doesn’t sound particularly useful, right?

How about this: go very slow until you get the enemy timing down perfectly. I think the shields were the best way to learn timing? Use parries/counters (whatever they are called, I can’t remember). Only then do you start speeding up. Do this on zero BC if you aren’t lasting long enough on one BC to get any real training. Once you’re completely nailing the timing go to one BC. Don’t take any new routes until after you beat it.

Even though you’re doing better, make sure to stop every now and then to take stock of the situation before continuing.

Maybe that’s my problem - I never use shields. So there are always some enemies I have problems with. Hmmmm

The 24th update

Basically item balancing (more buffs than nerfs) and more room types for 3 biomes. Also room creation for modders.