Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access

Other games have taught me that low-cost options are bad, m’kay. My lizard brain only wants to unlock the highest cost gear, eat the tastiest insects.

Well, to clarify, all the weapon/powers/mutators unlocks on the game are what’s usually called ‘sidegrades’, they give extra variety. It doesn’t matter their cost. The rest of unlocks (potions, runes, etc) are permanent upgrades.

If you really want something that have low priority because they aren’t good/need super high ceiling skills, you can left locked the face flask, the vampirism power and the cursed sword.

There are some Dead Cells items which are genuinely “better”, but a lot of it instead comes down to “very different cool things which have plenty of cons too”

Some of my favorite runs have come from using cheaper items which were surprisingly powerful and fun to use!

Will this game ever stop growing?

New biome, new enemies, new weapons, new mutations.

And vampirism is reworked (thanks god)

  • Vampirism rework - now you sacrifice a percentage% of your maximum health and can recover % of your HP per attack and gain a speed boost for 10 seconds.

Accessibility options incoming! This is great news for me, because Dead Cells is the one action roguelite that I am seemingly incapable of getting better at.

Lots of accessibility and difficulty options in here. And I mean lots.

So what does that mean? I can make the game as easy as I want? I can have the first boss cell active and actually finish the game now?

Seems that way, you can totally tune enemy hp and damage and some trap stuff and add essentially infinite lives/retries on a run.

What an amazing update. I really like the game, but I’m not good enough to see 3/4 of the content, this update will fix that and allow anyone to experiance a much more ‘casual’ run.

So far I’ve turned on easier Parry and slower traps, and I’m having a much easier time with the first boss cell activated, which was pretty much impossible for me last time I played it, near 1.0 launch. I just gave up on the whole boss cell idea after that.

Until now?

That’s certainly a ride. I hadn’t seen anything really going into the devs past prior to this game and it’s certainly something.


Thank God for the French Government funding too.

…and they are still making new content. New alpha is out, it includes two new weapons and a reworked legendary weapon system (now they will have an extra Affix instead of more damage, making several exclusive Affixes for legendary weapons too).

That said, regarding that video, I laugh every time they flaunt how they are a flat cooperative where each employee have the same salary. The moment they got a hit in their hands, and needed to expand, they opened a new ‘classic’ (not a cooperative) company where to put the new employees, so that way they wouldn’t have to share the profits with them.

New roadmap

“2023: The most exciting year in Dead Cells history”

I hope that means “2023: We announce we’re done, you can safely play the game now without having to relearn it every time you play”.

Dead Cells 2! : play harder, learn harder!

I would be thrilled if 2023 is the announcement of a sequel…maybe even something like a Risk of Rain 1–>2 scenario?

Another month, another update incoming. Right now in alpha:

Boss Rush

New unlocks

New legendary affixes:

You think the game is done? Nay!

[url]Dead Cells - The Everyone is Here Vol. II update is out now! - Steam News

What’s in the DLC?

You’ll strike out on an​ adventure through the spooky outskirts and candle-lit interior of Dracula’s Castle in two new biomes, where you’ll wield iconic weapons such as the Vampire Killer, Throwing Axe & Holy Water against classic enemies like mermen, bone throwers & haunted armors on your warpath to vanquish Dracula himself. Three epic boss fights await you throughout the haunted Castle, no prizes for guessing who one of them is!

The DLC will be $9.99 or equivalent. Yes, this is an increase from our usual price of $4.99 for a DLC, but this reflects the fact that the scope of this DLC is quite a lot bigger than previous DLCs, as well as the inclusion of the Castlevania IP.