Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access


Psst, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but play on easy!



Now there is a hilarious jump of difficulty between BC0 and BC1. I think I will make a new mod for 1.1 to try to fix it…


Hah, that’s the part I was stuck on. Tried a few times to beat NG+ and then lost interest.


It’s because they have made the normal made too easy while at the same time leaving Hard mode as Hard as it was before. At least on pc I can fix it…


@Jorn_Weines Into the Breach is fabulous! But yeah, definitely play on the poorly named “easy” difficulty until you are more comfortable with turning the mechanics to your favor and the ebb and flow of the battles.


I need an easier mode! I too never got past the first boss.
Anyone know when this patch will be available on ps4?


Same for me even before the patch. The enemies on BC1 have over double the HP right from the start. I don’t enjoy having to hit every enemy a dozen times to kill them. (While getting two-shot by everything)

Plus they take some of the most annoying projectile enemies and make them start appearing from the first room, so you can be forced to constantly look around everywhere while mashing on the same enemy over and over until it finally dies.


Easy & Smooth difficulty mod, by yours truly.

(that’s supposed to represent a gentle ramp, lol)

If you skill level moves around BC1-BC2, this mod is for you.


This mod intends to put the different difficulties closer, with less skill gaps between them, making the game in general easier with the exception of normal mode which right now in my opinion is too easy in 1.1 (so BC0 is a bit harder and BC1-4 are easier), it also smooth out difficulty bumps in some of the bosses or specific levels.

In more detail:
-The game has 5 difficulties, from BC0 (Boss Cell 0) to BC4. They are also called Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Expert and Nightmare.
-BC0 (the starting mode) has been made slightly harder, to be honest it’s even hard to notice the difference. It’s still notably easier than both BC0 in the previous (1.0) version of the game and the BC1 of this mod.
-BC1 is somewhat similar in difficulty per level (enemy health and damage) than before, it’s only in the last threes levels where small tweaks have been done; however the health fountain has been activated again (like BC0 in the unmodded game).
-BC2 to BC4 have been made much easier than before. They play just increasingly a bit harder than the previous difficulty. To illustrate this, for example, the scaling of enemies (health/damage) in BC4 is very similar to what you had in BC2 without the mod. The main difference in challenge in these difficulties comes now from other factors like extra enemy density, harder enemies found before, extra elites, less fountain uses, less gold, etc.
-Fountain health in general has been changed by one tier. In the original game you start having broken fountains in BC1 and BC3 and BC4 are all broken, in the mod it starts at BC2 and only BC4 are all broken.
-BC4 keeps the infection mechanic and the extra enemy aggressiveness.
-BC3 and BC4 had a gold reduction multiplier, I kept it but much more less punishing. In BC3 you will win 10% less gold, and in BC4 you will win 20% less gold.
-BC0 and BC1 has the same cell multiplier than in BC2, to alleviate another issue I find this game, the cell grinding. BC3 & BC4 has even a higher cell multiplier.


So, this thread is obviously full of people who are really good at this game. I feel foolish asking newbie questions here.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the game seems to get harder the more I die. On my first attempt, I made it to the Promenade of the Condemned and almost made it to the end. On my second attempt I made it to the Toxic Sewers and almost made it to the end. But on each subsequent attempt, even though the starting area (Prison’s Quarters) seems to get easier, both the Promenade and the Sewers seem to get harder. After a dozen tries on each, I can’t even make it very much progress in those at all.

On my third or fourth try, I had a badass main weapon, I had the ability to freeze enemies, I was really making good progress until I died to some spikes. (I hate spikes so much, it’s the only portion of the game I dislike, I did not sign up for a horrible platformer like Spelunky! Stop putting me in one). But ever since then, if I ever do find a good main weapon, it doesn’t do all that much damage anymore. I think the enemies are getting stronger with each run. The ninja guys in Promenade seem to get harder to kill with each iteration. Which is fine if I find a good weapon in that particular run, but most of the time I don’t. And I suck at killing those guys with the starting weapon. On the first 3 runs or so, I could kill them pretty fast, so if I attacked them first, I was golden. But now they have a lot more hitpoints and they hit really hard, so I guess I should be adjusting by hitting them and then running away maybe? On the runs when I can freeze them or lay down some traps for them, I can do that and then run, and then come back to finish them off, but again, that seems to get more and more rare.

I guess the other strategy will be just to keep getting to the Promenade or the Sewer and dying, but banking the souls I find in the Prison’s Quarters. A few dozen runs later, I should have enough to buy the next upgrade, and then a few dozen runs later, the next upgrade, etc. But then I’m concerned that the more equipment/upgrades I get, the stronger the enemies in these levels will keep getting.


For what it’s worth, I say avoid the sewer at this point, and head to the promenade. And the ninja guys there are not too bad to deal with if you have a shield to parry their attacks.


Enemies aren’t getting stronger in the sense you think. It’s probably weapon damage or low scaling based on your color of upgrades you’re taking. If that doesn’t make sense just keep playing.

It’s roguelite progression so you must grind a bit to unlock the extra potions. More heals and more gameplay experience will let you explore further.


First, what version of the game you are playing?


Xbox One.

I did a few more runs last night. I took anonymgeist’s advice and stopped going to the sewer, and concentrated just on the Promenade. However, I didn’t take the shield since the first time I played the game I took the bow, so my muscle memory is now X for melee, Y for range. I did try the shield a few times in the past, and when I remember to use it, I can parry, but I usually press LB or RB to use the shield, and of course, that doesn’t work, I have to use Y.

I’m probably going to have to use the shield though, as I made even less progress than before. Those ninja guys just getting more and more badass. I swear the first Ninja guy I encountered in the Promenade was like an elite or something. I don’t think that’s possible, so it was probably just a regular Ninja guy, but I had use a slicer trap, several grenades, and about 10 melee combos (X-X-X) to get him down a little bit, but then he eventually killed me.

And no, the little scarecrow dude was not nearby giving him a shield this time.


My advice: try to hit fewer buttons. Seriously. Next time you run into the guy that’s giving you trouble, don’t attack. Just dodge. Dodge for like a minute. Every enemy in the game has a rhythm and is very dodgable.

I need to do this for the second boss. Holy hell do I hate that guy. His (her?) primary mechanic is my second least-favorite in all of boss design, but I need to get over it.

Started a new save last night (haven’t played in forever, what the heck) and absolutely cruised up to that boss and got freaking wrecked there. Boo. Rest of the game definitely feels easier, but that may have been a function of drops and confidence.

Did they ever un-fuck the dumbass enemy scaling? What’s the story with upgrades these days?


Yes, the enemy scaling is static per zone now. No more of that dumb “enemies get stronger when you do” stuff.


Yay! Thanks. Boy that was one decision that I’m glad the nerds sussed out and screamed about until the devs recanted.


The console versions are behind pc, in that old version the scaling of enemies are different. In that version, the more scrolls you take, the more the enemies will level up, so that may affect why some runs seem harder than others. In one you may find more scrolls and in other less, or even if you find the same amount, in one you may be investing them in a glass cannon build and in others in a tank build.

Also, after playing it for 60 hours, I can say it’s a game where your performance can be very affected by how focused and ‘in the flow’ you are, sometimes I do great, sometimes I make a small mistake and lost my temper, and from that point everyone hits me.

Every run is highly variable in what weapons and combos you find, so you may do better with some combinations and you still haven’t noticed of that fact.

Different levels have different difficulties, even levels that are in the same ‘stage level’. Sewers and Promenade are both the second stage, but sewers is more difficult. Ossuary is more difficult than Ramparts, too. This isn’t a ‘bug’, I believe this is intended, so the player can choose if he wants a normal run or one slightly harder.

Finally, the enemy damage is highly variable. Go and experiment, counting how much damage you receive from a zombie in the second level. It isn’t fixed, there is a good 40% of variance. So a hit may be 100dmg, and the next one may be 140dmg. Therefore, having a streak of bad luck is possible where you are hit three times in a row with higher than normal damage.


Second time I’ve beaten in HoK in BC1. So freaking hard!
And I did it thanks to a great combo, notice the cleave does bleed+poison damage, and the crushed does 8.5K damage, and have a poison and bleed bonus. In reality I think the total amount would go over the boss damage cap, lol.
See that yolo mutator? I could beat him thanks to that, it was used in the fight against him, and even then I finished with only 20%hp and all the potions used.


This is very true. If I’m not feeling like Neo at the end of the Matrix, I’m bumbling into all sorts of crap. And much like rhythm games, you’re either in the groove or you’re not. Getting tilted can certainly affect max performance here.


What’s up with the timed bonus rooms? Are they only for the first couple zones now? I didn’t even see a locked door after Village or Clock Tower.