Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access

This game is pretty good! I’ve taken it around the block before with Game Pass, but now it’s mine forever (or however long the Epic Store lasts).

Damn, this game has some serious “one more run” power. I’ve gotten past the Concierge a couple times. In the Clock Room right now half an hour in to run five or six I think. I can’t believe they’re still working on it so diligently. Adding biomes, etc.

It’s a really great game, but it’s tough to find new biomes and added content. I liked playing it naturally. So if I found the entrance to the sewers first, go through the sewers. If I find the entrance to the ancient sewers first, take that route. Etc. But if you want to find new content and expansion content, you have to take a certain route to get there, and that just didn’t feel like fun to me, so even though I bought the first expansion, I’ve still never seen that area.

God damn, Conjunctivius is a monster.


If you have problems with it, just wait until you see the Hand of the King…

This is one of those games I shouldn’t have played in Early Access or at release or whatever. I really liked it, and part of me wants to check out the new content, but I have no desire to go back to the game. It just feels like I’ve moved on.

Hmm, maybe it’s a roguelite thing. On the other hand, I’d probably play Hades again if they randomly decided to add a new weapon.

It means then you don’t like it as much as Hades.

Moment to moment gameplay I liked Dead Cells more. The structure and design of Hades makes it more attractive to fire it up again.

Honestly, I’m starting to feel like the game is entering the phase where it’s been tinkered with a bit too much. The devs looove changing stuff.

They’ve recently completely rechanged the Malaise, BC0 is waaay harder than it used to be, the HP restore perks and items have been removed, weapons have changed “type” a bunch of times, etc.

I guess it’s not all bad. They supposedly made the DLC areas easier and they were much harder than their normal counterparts.

Yeah, it’s not hard to find complaints about all the changes that have been made, and there is certainly a point to be made there. Is the game I am playing really the same game you played three years ago? Probably not, in some significant ways.

BD is now harder? Given that malaise doesn’t affect BC0, I thought it would be unchanged. And imo the malaise change in particular it’s good.
Although I agree they changed weapons a lot. edit: also I don’t see they have removed anything in the patch notes.

What’s BD?

I mean, it’s not all stuff from this latest patch. But yeah, there’s still no Malaise at BC0, I think, but they’ve made it much harder in other ways. Necromancy doesn’t restore beyond 50% HP, making it even weaker than it used to be. They’ve completely retooled Tonics (syringes). It’s basically a different item.

There’s now also this stuff about 2H weapons and the backpack. The way stores work has changed a lot too (for the better I think?). I don’t remember it all.

Well I beat big C but got my ass absolutely, brutally handed to me almost immediately in Slumbering Sanctuary by an elite golem that could teleport me to him and had a damage effect rotating around him. Ouch.

I think the Golem is the hardest enemy in the game, I hate them :(

I am never gonna that damn spider rune.

I hope it’s an option in the menu, not integrated into the main campaign like the last DLC. Otherwise, chances are that I’ll never see that area.

Dead Cells music is underrated. Listen:

Well, like the previous DLC, they are alternative paths to the end level. So it isn’t like you have to reach the final boss to play them.

By the way Rock8man, if you have so much problems with the game, have you tried the Custom mode? You can modify the rules at your liking. Last time I played I did it in Custom Mode, modifying how curses work.
You even can unlock stuff in Custom mode, it will only disable the achievements.

I’d just prefer some in-game way of knowing if I’m heading the right way.

Like if I want to see the Bad Seed DLC, which I bought long ago, and I’m headed to the sewers, and I’m not supposed to head to the sewers, I wish the game would warn me so that I keep looking for the other exit. And then so on in the next area too, until I reach the DLC area. I just hate looking up maps and stuff outside the game itself.