Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access

How is it gonna know you want to go to a specific place, though.

Some kind of way of letting me set a destination maybe.

You’re right, they need an in-game map or something. I think there was one posted in this thread around when I got the game, and I used it, and it worked really well. But I don’t want to go track down that map again, I want it in the game.

It isn’t like there is a dozen of divergent paths, in that case I’d agree it would be hard to find. There is only 2-3 exits in each level. In the first DLC level case, you need the teleportation rune to access through the starting level (except the first time where a key is used).
You can access the second dlc level and boss by walking from that first dlc level, or from Prison Depths, or using teleportation rune from Promenade.

I agree that I wish there was an in game map but here it is with all the latest updates :-)

That one is too small, hurts my eyes.

I found a couple of nice big ones on reddit, but they don’t have as much information on them.

Like this one is nice and big, but it’s not nearly as useful as the tiny one you linked to.

DLC is out. After three attempts I still haven’t seen the new levels. Three respective curse chests are the ones to blame.


Are you checking the bigger, static version?
edit. ugh, this one

Your link takes me to this:


Btw, what LMN8R’s tiny hard to see map told me was that the first branching into a new area in the bad see DLC actually is in the very first level! No wonder I never found it naturally.

So this weekend I kept looking in the first level until I found it!

I got through that area, but the next area killed me with a vengeance. I don’t know if the game itself has become harder or my skills have atrophied or what, but it’s hard!

Fixed link. I believe.

And yeah, I said as much. It’s in the first branch, so it was puzzling how you couldn’t find it.


So these are the new dlc items:

Iron Staff - Melee weapon
The first hit allows you to parry melee hits. The combo inflicts critical hits after a successful parry.

Snake Fangs - Melee Weapon
Teleports you to the nearest target. Poisons victims (4 DPS for 15 sec). Inflicts critical hits if the target has more than 5 poison marks.

Ferryman’s Lantern - Melee weapon
Kill an enemy to gather its soul. The last combo hit snatches a soul from Bosses.
It’s just “melee” in quotes, it will fire the gathered souls too.

Serenade - Item
Summons a flying sword that will mark enemies, trigger it again to inflict critical hits on them while holding the weapon, and vice-versa! The sword will vanish after 30 sec if you don’t hit the marked enemies.
While it’s an item, it will temporally appear on your melee slot, replacing whatever you had.

Lightning Rods - Item
Place up to 2 lightning rods to attract lightning that strikes all enemies in between.

Cocoon - Item
Parries all around you dealing 30 damage. A successful parry resets the cooldown.

Scarecrow’s Sickles - Item
Comes back to you automatically. Inflicts increasingly severe critical hits after each hit.

I now find myself wondering whether to get the DLCs on PC where I already own the game or the whole bundle for PS4 where it will be much more accessible for couch gaming…

Do you have an Apple TV? I use Steam link for my couch gaming and it works really well. My whole network is wired though.

I’d recommend it on console yeah. I have played it extensively on both. I bought it on Xbox and then got access to the PC version through Game Pass, and it’s definitely a great laid back couch game. Not as fun on a computer chair because I’m uncomfortable the whole time.

I do not, nor do I have a wireless controller for the computer. I can run a cable from the tower to the TV and plug in my headphones with the big cord, but really this is about whether I want the convenience of just hitting a button on a controller and plugging some earbuds into it. At least I have a couple weeks to decide.

Ok, I reach again the new level, I got two new blueprints, I’m doing it fine… then I find this

Oh you damn game, tempting me this way!

Well, I opted to just grab the two DLCs on the Epic store because ultimately a.) it’s cheaper for me to do so, and b.) it’s probably not a bad thing for me to be uncomfortable and have to move off the computer chair.

I’ve got this, Enter the Gungeon, Hades, Exit the Gungeon, Wizard of Legend and Synthetik installed right now. I might have an AKSHUN ROWGLYTE problem.

Is this a real game? So they made a sequel already? If so, I’m not sure that’s a good name. If you hadn’t italicized the word, I would have read that as “Enter” in my head.

It’s a game made by another dev, in partnership with the original devs. I think.

But much like the original the name tells you exactly what you’re doing!

I thought everyone who plays Dead Cells was like me, and had been programmed by the game to finish the first level within 2 minutes so you can open that door in-between levels. Heck, I just played the game just now, and was trying to look for the Bad Seeds door, but at 1 minute 52 seconds I found the sewer door so I took it. LOL. WTF is wrong with me. I can’t resist it. I got the bonus cells though. I am the winner.