Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access


Not me, I don’t like rushing in games. I prefer to go for 100% kills, and try the ‘x kills in a row’ reward (although I fail 90% of the time).

You know what, the game’s big variety of enemies is starting to be an issue, at least for the less hardcore players. After adding more in free updates and dlcs, I’m starting to have problems in remembering the special properties of each. Slammers can’t be parried, golem’s slam can’t be dodge rolled, the crab guy can parry ranged attacks, this guy can jump to other platforms, this other one can but only to platforms above, not below, etc.

Ok, I tried to do myself a little guide:

Things that Cannot be parried or rolled, but it can be blocked or jumped
Impaler spikes

Sweeper fire wave

Things that Cannot be parried, but it can be blocked or rolled
Tentacles piercing strike (unsure)

Dancer stabs and backstab

Stone Warden telluric stomp (unsure)

Things that Cannot be blocked or parried, but it can be rolled
Bomber dive attack

Librarian magic beam

Grounnd Shaker Avalanche

Things that Cannot be parried, rolled or blocked
Shocker aura

Golem slam & grapple teleport

Royal guard leap (slam)

Slammer ice spikes

Ground Shaker Swipe shockwave (the melee attack itself can be blocked, parried etc but not the shockwave)

Skeleton stomp

Catcher hook and Demolisher crossbow can be crouched
Lacerator spin protects him from projectiles
Ground Shaker are invulnrable from behind and cannot be stunned
Weirded Warrior can block ranged projectiles
Skeletons are immune to CC
Slammres are immune to stun
Ground shaker are immune to stun

You can jump “on” to the mushroom spikes and not take damage???

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No, jump up to avoid the spikes, not to jump “on” the spikes like you were playing Super Mario.

You know Rock8man, I have to asks: are you aware that if you rush to open the in-between doors, you may be missing scrolls, that are the main way to gain power in the game?

What I mean is it seems like in your gif you jump while the spikes are growing but come down while they still exist. This is something that would mess you up with “regular” spikes, right?

Oh, that’s kind of common in action games, where the time window of an attack (when it produces damage) is a bit shorter than the visual effect of the attack.

I just assumed spikes were spikes and acted the same so I’ve always left the area where they were popping up.

Yep yep. It’s a give and take. I always think it’s easiest to speed run the first level, so I always try for it. Plus I believe you can only get two scrolls in the first level, one from an enemy and one that’s available to pick up. So if I miss those, it’s not a big deal. In the later levels I usually play it by ear. I try to hurry, but I also try to explore. But if I find an exit in time, I take it. If I don’t find it in time, then I try to fully explore a level. But with the first level, it’s the easiest to find an exit in under 2 minutes, so I usually take it.

And this is the new biome paths, it was confusing just reading in text without being able to see it on a map:

*Fractured Shrines, not fractures. Oh whatever.

It looks cut in half?

yeah, I have the full version on my computer, I only had shown the new part.
Here it is the full version

edit: error, Graveyard doesn’t have a path to Undying Shores

Neat, thanks.

Oh yeah, careful with the new sickles, they may fly around and hit locked doors that curse you… it just happened to me :/

By the way, I like the new trap, the hidden log. So fun when an enemy goes out flying through the screen! Much less fun when it hits YOU.

I made another mod!

I got today the katana (yeah I had a pair of weapons from the last few updates still pending). It’s… pretty OP? High DPS, and very quick attack animations, both the initial attack and the whole combo. You don’t even need to use the dash for the crit, the normal attack already melts enemies!
I guess no one said anything because gamers are all weaboos. :P

I did it. 137 hours to get all the items* in the game. Time to rest.

*: except the syringe from the Alchemist, because he is the final secret boss who is totally ridiculously hard.

I can’t make much progress in the game anymore. The game is a lot tougher on Normal than when I last played it, that’s for sure. But the difficulty in this game has always been changing constantly. I just got lucky that I played it in a window of time when I could finish the game and be happy with myself.

You can use the custom mode. For example you can make it easier by allowing 5 mutations max and decreasing the number of kills required for cursed chests.