Dead Cells - Metroidvania Roguelite in Early Access


I will finally play this if it gets to 1.0 on PC or Switch. I’ve been ignoring it until it’s finished.


It went up in price right after the Winter sale and per the store page “We will probably increase the price during or after the early access”. So may go up again? I’d be surprised though since it’s already $20.


I was ignoring it because it didn’t even have all the areas in the game, despite not being able to really get outside of the first area, but I may dive in now to check it out again. It’s a really cool game, may as well poke at it for a bit at least, I figure, even if I don’t plan on making any serious progress.


I’m fine waiting. There are just too many great games available now to even consider playing a solo experience that’s not complete. It certainly looks cool.


Yeah Switch version for me, since I held off this long already waiting for early access exit. :)


I dropped a run in this afternoon and while I had a blast with it, the damned thing ran really strange. Like it was jerking around and hitching quite badly. Is that an issue with g-sync or something? I was playing in a window, could that be it?

E: Turned on and off vsync in the menus, no luck. Tried full screen and also no luck.

And am I missing something, or can you not get to options from the game itself? I have not even been able to find a way to exit the game, I’m just alt+F4 when I want to quit out?


No, it’s not finished yet. Sorry.

As I suspected, I really like this game. The controls and combat are so fast and fluid. The interrupt system feels just right and they even have a dodge offset system to continue your combo after a dodge. The platforming feels good too.

My biggest fear was unfounded: replaying the early levels is just as fun as the late game.

If I was forced to complain about something, it’s that the game is so fast I start binging on it. The sheer number of enemies to kill and platforms to jump on feels exhausting after a few hours.

I got my first win against the Hand of the King after reading a guide that explained how you need to specialize in upgrade points. (For some reason, I thought a recent update had de-emphasized that.) My weapon at the end of the game did 2.5x more damage than I had ever seen before. I still had plenty of health, and I had high survivability because I stacked defense items.

I’m doing the cheese where I make sure not to unlock a bunch of suboptimal weapons and items. That improves my chances of getting the items I want from shopkeepers and treasure chests. I still have enough choices to keep things interesting without getting into niche builds. (The best investment for dead cells is health potion upgrades anyway, just like every Souls-like!) Now that I’ve beaten the game once, I’ll start trying out other builds.

There’s still no reason to rush into this. I’m really happy with the game though.


I have this same issue too. It’s a good sign when you enjoy a game so much that you find yourself overplaying it.


Some time in August 2018 should be the 1.0 release.


Leaving Early Access and will be launching on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on August 7,


Nice trailer. I especially like the colorful art style. It looks a little boss-heavy for my liking, but I know 60 seconds of gameplay isn’t representative of the full experience.

Since Ori recently re-ignited my love of Metroidvanias, I am so-so-so-sold on this one.


Nice. Finally.

They can put “Rock Paper Shotgun’s Game of the Year 2017” on the box. It would have been funnier if the game had come out in 2020 though.


Haha, that would’ve been hilarious. I hope Project Zomboid lists a “Most promising title of 2011” award when they finally get around to leaving Early Access.


It’s not too bad. Each playthrough has 9 stages, 3 of which are boss stages. You’ll also occasionally run across Elite enemies (not hard enough that I would consider them mini-bosses, but tougher versions of standard mooks) in the other 6 stages. I don’t expect this to change much if they’re ticking over to 1.0 in under a month.



That is hilarious. Pre-purchased yesterday. That will be me in a few days.


Looks like the reviews are in and, as is obvious to anyone playing it in early access, it’s amazing.



I get overloaded if I play it more than a few hours, but it is a game I keep getting back to regularly every few weeks, as the action is so much fun.


How do you people play this game with controller? I just tried playing with a xbox360 one and with keyboard, and it seems to me keyboard is a better option!
With the controller you have one finger for attack / jump / roll, at least with the default controls, while playing with keyboard I can roll easily with the shift and jump with space, leaving the two attacks for the right hand. Much better.


I am very bad at it.

Not sure that was what you were asking.